It Happen When I Was Still With My Old Boyfriend

I had promised to meet him in carpark, he asked me to wear something sexy so I did, I did catch a but to the car park he was going to come with his otorbike to meet me at 8 aclock.
I waited and waited for him a the carpark but he was late.
A car pulled up from highway and the driver called me over to ask something, he said they lost, he showed me map and ask directions from me.
So I put my head inside the car rom window and that is when he closed the window so I was left on car door with my head stuck in window.
Then men, there was four of them,young men came outside the car and started talking to me, touching me under my skirt, they said how pretty I was and asked how much I would like to have their ***** inside me.
I was so frightened I did almost wet myself.
I was really afraid and feel helpless.
Then one of the men pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panty while an other man was touching my breasts thru my bra.
Then they saw I have period, my pad was almost full of blood and I think it turn them off.
I feel I was saved from rape because I was menstruating that time.
But also one of the men did talk like not to rape me so I am not sure if because what he said or because of blood coming out from my vagina but they did not rape me.
Two of the men *********** touching my bottom and they did squirt their *** on my bottom and legs and shoes.
Then they did open the window so I was free again, I did thank then they did not rape me and one of the men gave me tissue to wipe my tears and bottom.
I did walk home and I did feel really dirty, my stockings panty and shoes wet with their ***.
At home I did have shower for long time and try to clean all my body.
I did still feel dirty next day and I washed my clothes and cleaned my shoes again.
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you are so lucky if all 4 men dont **** her your tight *** and fill with their hot *** or they dont force to your for sucking their ***** and fill your mouth.