This Happened Yesterday

This guy comes in the restroom, pushes me againist a wall. He tells me to be quiet. I was so scared. Then he tries to rip my shirt open. I try to push him away but he is too strong. I beg him to stop, said your hurting me. He tells that when he's through with me I won't be able able to walk. Then some old lady walks in, the guy quickly gets off of me. The lady starts yelling at him for being in the women's restroom, distracting him. I just run out of there as fast as I can. I'm still sooo scared. What should I do?
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16 Responses Jan 16, 2013

OMG! He obviously needs his *** kicked.
I agree it should have been reported right away!
Also, it woul dbe wise to carry some pepper spray or like my mom had - a "spike" on her key chain. Also, my mom knew karate and could kick some serious *** - she always said the bigger they are, the harder they fall.
Take some self defense classes. Kick him in the nuts are hard as you can.
Gouge the eyes.

God Bless you and I hope this never happens to you again ! :) :) stay safe.

Report it. Time, place, etc. There's a good chance that with all of that information, police can track down nearby cameras..and you could possibly identify the perp!

Report him. Learn self defense or a martial art. You'll feel safer if you have confidence to defend yourself.

Are you safe now? My suggestion: You should quickly share it your mother because mother is best friend in the world.

your brave hunn kudos to you <3

get some balls n report him cuz he might do it again if he sees u.

that was fortunate of you. God bless.

You are so lucky he didn't punch you in your belly when he had you against the wall. If he punched you in your belly 5 or 6 times, you wouldn't have had any strength to fight him. Thankfully that lady came in. Be safe.

REPORT IT DUMMY! Dont let him get away & make sure you tell someone as well

Report it. You would be helping to prevent that from happening to someone else. He's bound to do it again.

Report it to your local authorities, and remember this. You have the right to defend your life and body with deadly force, NO ONE has the right to do something to you that you DO NOT want done. If someone attacks you go for weak points with all your might; eyes, throat, crotch. DO NOT be afraid to push your fingers through his eyeballs to protect yourself. Rapists are scum, who have no respect for others lives, why should you treat them gently?

buy some mase or pepper spray. Start carrying that.

hi u have 2 be more careful

Report the incident, and keep a more cautious awareness to your surrounding, make sure no one is following you again, the pred may have scoped you out or that his place of operation.

Report him! Start carrying some kind of protection.

Also please report this incident to your local police .