I Hate Him

i only told 4 people about this...and its really hard to talk about it because this guy that Almost Raped  me denies it and says i Did the Action.....

well he was my [[ex]] boyfriend at the time we broke up again because he's very annoying..i cant stand him at all..well anyways..i was watching tv when he came to my house..noone was home only my sister but when he came inside she was in the room with her boyfriend..well i allowed him 2 stay but leave immediately..well while i was watching tv he jumped over and layed me on the couch i was pushing him off saying what r u doing...and he kept grabbing me..well he found a way to grab my feet and put them on top of his..i was sooo scared i didnt know what to do i felt as if i lost all the strength in my body..well i had pajamas at the moment..and he was trying to kiss me and he was putting my sweater down and kissing my chest  then neck...i hit him  really hard i guess he got frustrated and then he took out his D*ck and Was Trying to ENTER IT..i GOT SO FREAKED i Screamed for my Sister! .. he got off really fast...then i went to my fathers room and i took the phone and i set the Ringer 2 Ring in a Minute..soo i went to my sisters room and it rang so i was telling her THEY HAAD TO GO HOME ALREADY That My Father was Coming upSTairs...

Ever Since that Day i Cant look at him the Same..he tells Everyone that i wanted him to do those things...
he scares me..i would never ever think he would do such a thing...its incredible how much you know a person..well recently he tries to Talk to Me..but i CANT..i WONT..im not Going to..and im not PLanning To..i HATE HIM SO MUCH..

ANd Noone Understands Why i Hate him So Much...Everyone Tells Me..u Should B Friends Blah Blah Blah..i HATE HIM !
iF i Could i Would Practically Kill Him Myself if i Had Such an Opportunity
SourLove SourLove
18-21, F
Jun 18, 2007