Followed Home

Today I was followed home....I am really freaked out by all of the "could've's"

I was followed from the M/J/Z Broad Street station to my doorman condo , INTO our building,
and almost onto the elevators. I am nearly 100% positive that the person who followed me was sitting
across the train from me from Brooklyn. After following me into the building, and NOT being stopped at the
front desk, the person followed me towards the mailboxes, waited and then
followed me towards the elevators. The person loitered around the elevators, did not enter
open elevators on either side of the bay and then when I realized what was happening and went
to the front desk he followed me and then walked out the front door telling the doorman that
he was looking for a "Jackie Robinson".
He was a African American male, probably around 40 yrs of age, with closely
cropped hair.
He was medium to large build, probably around 5'10. He was wearing a hooded army
green jacket. 

This is really bothering me on several fronts. first the lack of security in my building. But second and more importantly I keep imagining what could've happened if I hadn't listened to my gut. After leaving my building apparently the guy went to the sales office and harassed the woman at the desk saying how he had been watching her, etc. if I hadn't been paying attention who knows if he would have followed me into the elevator and assaulted me or even followed me into my home. I've been date raped before, but this upset me more than I expected.

followedhome followedhome
8 Responses Feb 20, 2009

You better be careful on the street. He could easily drag you into an alley away from people. He could possibly punch you in your belly to quiet you if you scream. I know if a girl resists, most times the rapist will punch her in her belly over and over until she submits or can't fight back.

can someone say the words creep alert that dude needs to learn to be good luckily he wasn't a psychopath the facts say the have no sense of right and wrong and guilt

What a freak! Thank god for gut instinct hey! Im so glad ur safe

i hate followers and specially such kind of mad blind rapists who just loose the control on themselves. even i was followed once alone and once wid my mom. we were scared but still ready to tackel

Wow, that must have been scary.

you should read a book called "THE GIFT OF FEAR",,ithink your gift was what saved you from a very bad time,,,

nice bring on the books

Me too!

Wow, scary! That little nudging voice is in our heads for a reason. I'm glad you listened to yours that day!