This scarred me real bad.
I will never forget it, not ever.
I am eternally traumatized.
Over spring break 2014, I was 12. My family went on a cruise for the whole week. I started meeting a bunch of kids at an organized teen club on the ship. It didn't take long to have created my own little group of friends. The first night there, i went out with my friends for the night and we danced at a little night party thing, and we were playing a shavenger hunt game. There was this one boy, his name was Dylan. He was teasing me and one of our friends with the "blabla and blabla sitting in a tree," song, so me and Dylan were play teasing each other. There was one point when he came up really close to me and kissed me. It was awkward but It was nice. We ended up ditching the others and going down to the bottom floor of the ship kissing and stuff. We talked a lot the next day, he was a bad boy, which normally arent my type. But i figured who cares, its just a cruise for one week! So I made the mistake of trusting him. It was the third night on the cruise ship, and I stayed out pretty late with my friends as usual. Dylan and I snuck away for a second to kiss, but he whispers "Lets go back to your room" I obviously said no, because my grandma was in there. I had told him my boundaries earlier this week so I didn't think he wanted to go that far. I was wrong. A few minutes later, his hand ended up in my pants, I was already having anxiety problems at school, this just made it worse. I was frozen almost, I couldn't control my own body. He smiled, smirked or whatever, and took my hand, and slid it in his pants. I said "No I don't wanna" And tried to take my hand out, but he dragged me behind a railing, and he put my head in his pants... I was about to have an anxiety attack. He laid me down and grabbed me tight. "Come on babe, you know you want it" Were the only words I remembered. That was the last I talked to him. He started to take my clothes off, he ripped my shirt down. I was telling him to stop and hitting him, which I assume got others attention. My new close friend Ashley came around the corner and Dylan took off. I was sobbing and Ashley was so shocked at what almost happened. Now I call her my miracle. As small as it may seem, she was a miracle. If it werent for her, I wouldn't be a virgin. My lesson i learned from this was to be careful who you trust. I have minor PTSD, but I am working through it with help. I hope anyone else that has had a similar experience is getting help, i am here for anyone who needs advice. (: stay strong
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I am glad that you are a virgin :) Keep it that way till you get married because that is the best gift that you can give to your husband.