Just the other day I was hanging out with one of my good friends. We had been drinking and I didn't want to drive home so I stayed at his apartment. I wasn't worried about it because he was someone I really trusted. We stayed up all night just talking about things when he started kissing me. I told him several times to stop and pushed him away. He kept going and then got on top of me and took my pants off. I kept repeating "why are you doing this?" And "please stop!" But he wouldn't, and then he took his pants off too. Finally I just decided to give up fighting it because I knew he was much stronger than me. I laid there and said "you are so different than who I thought you were" and then by some miracle he stopped. I will never be able to forget that night and now I constantly think about it and feel like no one understands what happened because they weren't there.
kbug94 kbug94
22-25, F
Aug 17, 2014