It was the most craziest night of my lifee. I remember it like it just happened yesterday.:c

It happened 1 year ago when I was starting my first day in high school in a few weeks. But anyways, the day came for school to finally start but I wasn't really ready to go.. but my mom made me anyways.. I was extremely shy that day and really didn't talk to anyone, so when it got time for lunch, I sat by myself like I always did, until one day there was this guy named Devin came over and talked to me.. He was the football teams quarterback, and he was a senior. He seemed like a really nice guy because he offered me to sit with them for the rest of the year. And I said sure so I sat with them almost everyday :p As usual, all the popular kids throw parties and he invited me to go, (me being a dumb *** said yes like always) Ok so to make the longg story short, i smoked weed with Devin and his friends and got really high. It wasn't the best feeling tbh. I didn't know where I was, I was saying random things, and all other types of ****. But anyways we both went outside idk why but that's when Devin pushed me to the ground, laying on top of me he whispers "heard some things about you, I wanna see what you can do with it" And by this point he's unzipping his pants telling me to touch him.. That's when I told him "no leave me alone.!" And I pushed him and ran home..

Every since that happened I never saw him again, and I hope I never do.
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Gay football quarterback that's a paradox they're usually the one bullying the gay kids

You should have told parents!

You didn't deserve that to happen to you but talking about it does help. If you ever need a friend you can always message me.

Quit being a ******* cry baby. Stfu, no one really gives a ****

Shut up *******

If youve got nothing better to say then stfu bell end. i realy hope you get ****** up the *** by a gang of men, see whos crying then you racist homophobic basturd

You are brave

He didn't deserve the Quarterback title and definitely didn't deserve you and your body.

Oh. My. G-d, what a monster! I can't even imagine how horrifying you must've felt! I was once pinned down by a HUGE guy- he wasn't trying to rape me though, just hurt me. I wish I could make you feel better! *hug