I was 13 and so was he. We spent the day out in town and went back to his house. We were just watching TV when he started touching me. I told him to stop and he started to get violent. He started beating me until I stopped screaming. He ripped my clothes off and 2 seconds before he got a chance to rape me my phone rang distracting him long enough for me to kick him in the balls and escape. He threatened me for years after, forcing me to send him photos and videos that I wouldn't have sent to him otherwise. Now he works for the council and despite reporting it to the police 3 times, absolutely nothing has been done about it. No wonder why I can't stand the police. The UK has the worst police force I've ever heard of in Europe.
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gee... that's really rough. it's good that you reported it though, even if they didn't do anything. I did that too. I figured, if he did it again to someone, I could either report it and lose faith in the system or not report it and lose faith in myself. you did the right thing.

I suppose. When I first reported it I had the issue of being told I was lying and it wouldn't have taken me years to report it if it had actually happened. I was the one who had to remind them of the reasons for my silence and remind them of the amount of women that don't come forward for years and the ever growing list of reasons why. You're right though, I'd rather know the system failed and was completely incapable of dealing with it effectively than despise myself for keeping it to myself and not telling anyone just so he could go out and do it to other women. At least you see it as being the right thing to do, I know a lot of people who would have preferred I kept quiet. :) glad I didn't though, at least I can sleep at night now.

this just shows how far the world has yet to go, but yeah... where I'm from coercion is legal, and locking someone somewhere and threatening to snap someone's neck is legal. I said no again and again for two hours and he didn't do anything, but then he locked me in a closet with him and threatened to snap my neck so I said yes and the police said what he did was legal as long as he didn't snap my neck and because I did eventually say yes and he waited for "consent" before starting.

Wow, sorry but that's a joke. Sorry you had to go through that