That Night Mom Almost Took My Life

One night she came from an alcohol binge and was going through her moods... She pinned me to the wall grabbed her 24 inch long knife and almost ran it through me. I was weakend by the fact and was going to let her do it, then she blacked out.... I was 12 at the time.... She doesn't recall that night, because she's been alcohol free for about 8 years now. I am grateful to have lived because she wouldn't have never gotten her granddaughter if that had happened.
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i can understand you i was beaten by my mom in my childhood she done it to me cause she couldn't control her anger

That's sad. How has it affected your life as a young adult?

i always hate her i can't forgive her she did too much that i feel shame on her so shameful that i can't mention here love you reply me in my mailbox

Seems highly unlikely for a mother to be doing a thing like this, but I will believe you and I can understand the shock that you would have experienced.. Happy that you are alive and living a happy life...