If Only You Knew

she goes to school everyday with a big smile on her face the kids laugh and play with her and ask her to join in the race she runs along even though her leg is really sore. do you know why? from getting slammed in her bedroom door. she is hurting so bad in so much pain she wishes she could tell them without sounding insane maybe she's over reacting maybe it's really not that bad maybe dad didnt it by an accident maybe he wasnt really mad but she know that's not true he has problems with anger he hurts her really bad and she knows she's in danger just when she's going to tell she think it's getting better he's not yelling at her and he wrote her a letter saying that he loves her and he is sorry for what he has done so she decides to let it be and to start having fun but one day he became enraged she could feel the heat he took her by the arms and threw her on the concrete her head was aching her arm is burning she began to cry twisting and turning she examines her arm it feels broken but no one notices there must be someone woken up someone must realize that this girl needs help someone must hear her small faint yelp her dad told her that oneone will believe her if she says anything she knew it was true and lays there crying in her bed she gave up completely she decided to wait it out praying it would get better but she highly doubted it the threats continue the bruises keep coming the hair still gets pulled and nothing seems to be clearing there is nothing she can do she is stuck with this life till she will try to pull through until he pulls a knife
noname2071 noname2071
18-21, F
May 23, 2012