Tsa Foster Parents And Tsa Foster Homes And Tsa Counseling Offices Starving, Maltreatment, Abuse

TSA stands for theraputic services agancy it's a office place that does counseling for delinquents fresh out of juvi and is made up of a few TSA foster homes. they do counseling for out patients to so any one can get counseling or call it therapy if you want.

i went to three different TSA foster homes for 2 1/2 years as a teenager since i was 15 years old.a police officer took me out of the ********* house arrested me because i admitted to making a domestic threat to my abusive father so i could be free from the abuse and get far away from him. This was in august 2006 when i was 15 years old. as you maybe read in my first story i wrote that i was molested and physically abused by my bio father and abused by other family members so this is why i got sent to juvi lock up then after short term of lock up the judge and social worker P.O and guardian at litem forced me to be in TSA foster home. it's not a regular foster home it's different. it's alot sticter and abusive. i was under a juvenile court juristiction in pine city pine county Minnesota. my judge was judge James Rueter.

in all three tsa foster homes i got abused!!!

1. my first tsa foster home was at Sandy Darrell Vinks home and she severly isalated me on her farm in the woods in Bruno Minnesota and she starved me. i was not allowed to cook for my self there was never enough food for every one in the house. there was never any fresh fruit to eat and she did make dinner almost every night and some times lunch but she would always bake foods so every thing was high in fat and made me feel sick. i ate the food anyways ofcourse. there was never any physical abuse and i would always sneek food and snack from the refridgerator and cuberds and eat in my room when the tsa f parents weren't looking.i wasn't allowed to eat when i wanted to so i had to sneek it and hide it. i reported this abuse to my counselors and treatment team but they did not care. my treatment team was my case worker, counselors,social worker, p.o, guardian at litem.and they also severly isolated me i wasn't allowed to go anywhere or have friends over or go to a friends house.

2. my secound TSA foster home was Jane and Stanley Artymuik in pine city MN living at par circle. i was 16 years old.They starved me and i wasn't allowed to eat when i was hungry and wasn't allowed to cook my own food and they wasn't enough food around to cook my tsa foster mom would only buy enough food for one person. my tsa foster parents started getting physically agressive. i was sneeking my bowel of cereal in my room and eating it with my bedroom door locked they found out and stanley and jane came banging on my door like a couple of crazy people and demanded i open the door and give them the cereal box it was raisen brand. i said no quit bothering me but they didn't stop they were yelling and pounding on the door and my tsa f dad broke the door in and opened it. i could of been dressing and it's my privacy to not let people in my room. it was rediculiouse and i was scared. i also cought stanley spiing on us while i was in my foster sister room talking to her he was listening in on the door. Stanely was acting like a psycho. i called my guardian at litem and told her if they don't get me out of the foster home that i was going to kill them. so they got me out of that foster home. stanley made fun of me in a treatment team meeting saying that every thing is about food and thats all i ever talk about and acting like it was funny that they were starving me and didn't care.and they also severly isolated me i wasn't allowed to go anywhere or have friends over or go to a friends house.

3. my third tsa foster home was with Marry and Norris Mcelrath. i was 17 years old. this was the worste foster home i was ever in. they starved me severly there was no fresh fruit to eat and no meat to eat and again i was not allowed to cook for my self not allowed to get foods i like to eat. and they was no food to cook ssoo i was starving. and the tsa foster mom would only some times cook dinner. and she had a eating disorder she would not eat breakfest or lunch she would nibble a little here and there on chunk food and candy and thats all she would buy was chunk food and high sodium foods and boxed food which was high in sodium. these tsa foster parents were emotionally and psychalogically abusive. it was a town next to pine city and i had to go to a stupid school that i hated and didn't like because i had scurvy i had failing grades. and they also severly isolated me i wasn't allowed to go anywhere or have friends over or go to a friends house. Mary ws sexually abusing my younger foster brothers the was no locks on the upstairs bathroom so she would purpasly open the door on poor conner and the other little boy while they were going to the bathroom and she did this to me once i did have the option to use the downstairs bathroom that had a lock on the door but some times i felt like using the upstairs bathroom for some reason i wish i wouldn't and when she walked in on me she starred at my bare *** and then finally closed the door and she never said sorry i had to tell her she needs to apologize for walking in on me so she did after i told her to. conner was like 8 years old and he told me she does this to him when hes taking a bath or a shower. yikes thoughs poor boys.

the evil abusive social worker Roxanne Anderson lied to the judge and had me sent to Elmore academy on February 28 2009 i was 17 and i had my 18th birthday at that nazi night mare of a place.

came home on august 5th 2009 and that was it the court juristiction was over i was 18 and free. sad to say i had to go back to the ********* house with my abusive father untill i could find a apartment and i was resieving social security because the stupid elmore academy said i had low thinking capasity and depression so i get $730.00 dollors every month.

i am now living in a board and lodge in Duluth Minnesota and i'm doing ok looking for a apartment again and i'm getting a arms worker to help me find a place and i also have my first appointment with a counselor because i want to try it out see if it's any good.

make some comments every one especially if you ever been in a place called TSA foster homes or TSA counseling and no i'm not talking about the TSA agents at the air ports. lol

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You're kidding me right? I lived there at MARYS with you Julie. There was always tons of food Mary cooked every night besides Fridays.. his dare you say these inaccurate things about her! She was so good to you & everyone that had ever entered her doors. She would never ever make them boys uncomfortable that's sick that you would make up such a horrible lie. I can see why your social worker said you gave low thinking capacity. I don't care if the things I've said are disrespectful because I lived with you and you were never starved mistreated violated nothing. I think you need to find something better to do then try to get people to feel bad for your weird *** & put a bad name on a wonderful beautiful person like Mary.

I am so sad to see the lies you have posted on here. I understand that this is an old post and I can only hope that you have gotten the help that you need to be happy and healthy. If you ever do get back on here and see the replies from all the other foster kids I hope that you can find it in your heart to call my mom and Norris and say you are sorry. Your words have hurt people. My mom and Norris opened their heart and home to you. Believe me they did not do it for the money. My mom has always had a kind caring and loving heart and only wanted to help others. She wanted to show them what a happy healthy home was. Pleases explain to me one thing. If they were such horrible foster parents why is their home always filled with previous foster kids to this day? They come to visit often. Just today there was a past foster kid there to celebrate Easter with us. I pray that you find the help you deserve and can be happy in your life. I am sorry that you feel the need to spread lies.

It truly saddens me that you would lie about Mary, your lies could get people in a lot of trouble. I know she would never ever touch a child inappropriately, I also know you were not starved, they fed you well because they ALWAYS had food, always. Please think before you post lies online next time.

Jewelie you are an adult now. You can get into a lot of trouble for all these lies. You surely are not taking your meds! I am passing this on to other foster girls that lived here, Who knew you and have stayed very close to us. They will be irate. You will have many responses. Do you have any clue how this could effect poor Connor? So many lies ..I am sad for you.

i'm so sorry , u went through a lot in ur life , hugs


It's terrible that you've suffered so much at such a young age. Best wishes for your future, which is whatever you make it. What are you doing to overcome your past and live happily in the future?

i'm doing therapy and talking to pasva in duluth to put my father in prison.

I'm so glad you're getting therapy and talking through your anger and emotions. Best wishes and I'm sending positive vibes your way!

It's always tragic for a person to go through what you did. I'm so happy to hear that you're trying to better yourself and your life. Way to go! I know you will be a success. Blessings and good wishes for the best of luck.

you got a chuckle out of me when you said it wasnt TSA agents at the airport. I am truly sorry you have had to endure so much abuse in your life. I had to do the same as a child. I am 51 now and have healed from my past. You can too. Keep doing the next right thing. Keep making the next right choice. Keep going to counseling. It is all about your brain and getting it healed from the past abuse and staying in a safe place and learning who is a nice person and who is a bad person . Keep us posted. Blessings and hugs !

Id advise you be a little careful using peoples proper names....