One Night Stand (a Haunting)

Being a binge drinker, it was normal for me booze with friends outside. Sipping a glass of Whisky , or drinking beer was like a every weekend stuff for me. But I made sure i went with good company and trusted group of friends.

It was once when my good friend from college called me over drink on a Friday night with lounge running some offer. I hesitate a bit but she convinced me to come by saying " I m calling you to meet my guy". Amused by her gesture I agreed, but was aware that i had downed a couple of glass just an hour ago with other set of friends.

When I entered the lounge it was pretty decent and less compared to the other days . We ordered two round pitcher and decide to rap up soon after . Though it didn't turn out to be the way it was planned,two of them my friend and her guy had already been drinking since the whole day. And this seemed like a new pit stop for them. We were busy chit chatting discussing stuff.

After two pitcher ,We were game for more and went it with another one. Rounds of Fuse-ball and Smoking drags kept us away from the drink for a while though we  realized pitcher of beer last ordered was almost over.

It didn't seem like a end to any one us. I assumed i  was in good company. However drinking with my friend was more common , she knew me well , my capacity and had a experienced of me drunk. I never hesitated drinking with her.

It was almost two- three hours over there and we were close to high by the end of the pitcher. We still didn't give a second though  before ordering a pitcher of cocktail.  And there it was all of us were pretty knocked out with the first round itself. I didn't realized how the cocktail took over me so fast. I fell of the chair while both of them were trying to finish there second round of cocktail.

And the rest was something which I m not to sure what exactly happened but remembered  few  in bits and pieces. And the next time i found myself sitting in a taxi with the Guy. I had no idea where my friend was ? I was still so drunk that i could barely remain awake. He started staring at me , and we kissed !

I don't know what go into me that time but yes i was kissing him. I still had no idea where my friend was ! And passed out again ! 

The next time i woke up was in his lap in a room, I was shocked to see myself in that state of being so drunk that I  was in room with a guy who i just met few hours ago . Still very drunk and sleepy he started kissing me and so did I . I fell for it. But soon realized it was inappropriate to do something with your friends Guy . I backed out a several times but he constantly made sure that i fall for it.

I was constantly stopping him from doing so and was constantly reminding him  about his girlfriend and the wonderful relationship they had. He ignored and said things wont go out beyond this room.

I realized I had almost slept with him , It wasn't something , I enjoyed or was willing to do it. It was alchol and my drunks stated which led to it . My conscience have always been strong enough to fight temptations but this time I had failed.

When i woke the next morning with the worst hangover , i think it was still not enough for the Guy  he was constantly asking for one more try which I dejected out rightly ( Thanks to sober state) .

When I inquired him about my belongings , I was shocked to hear that my cellphone and my bike was with my friend who staying and paid accommodation. I started wondering why wasn't she around and couldn't stop myself from asking him. His answer was very vague. I couldn't think more on it as i was already under a trauma of cheating a friend and one night stand.

We both left the room and went to meet my friend. However on the way I asked him to tell her about the night and he disagreed saying it will be a problem for both us. I didn't talk to him further !

When i met her she appeared innocent and worried about me . She hand over my belonging and asked my if I was Ok. I had small chat and  bid them a Good Bye and left immediately.

It has been more fourth months now , and i still keep wondering was it setup  or a conspiracy ? I don't know , I could'nt find answer and thought it better to stay away from both of them.  As i keep wondering which girlfriend will leave her Guy alone with her friend in drunks state and more question come in my mind...Though I m not to sure about that night that it could be setup or plan !
But the feeling a cheating  still haunts me.

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