Escorting... No Means No

Hey Everyone...
I am a very Discreet working Escort..
I get paid to (sorry for being straight foward) but to have Oral Sex,Sex ... Kiss,Cuddle, massage and to make men feel Good, I have met alot of men in my time down this, from the most monster looking client, to the most model. To the most ******* treating perverted Male, To the most best connection Gentleman I have ever met before in my Life!.
I have had so many Sexual encounters and experiences in my Life, that I am not proud of but have had a lot of fun with.
I belong to an Australian Agency
where the Receptionist choose which Client is good for you, and who wants the Type, that you are.
I do not like having to meet young clients mostly around there 30- 37 or late twenties like 27-28s saying that they would love to go out for dribks abd dinner or to the casino or a beautiful outing or arts centre. It is so cliche to be.
I get so many clients that just ask so many times And sometimes they can be gorgeous as **** but at the end I cannot give them my number or be with them. They dont Understand fully that i do tht for money not for company conversation love or anything else but my money, Its just hard letting them down in so many ways possible but the truth is that and surely do not want to hurt the ones that genuinely want too. I mean will Karma hit me instead? or will I have to see and find out for myself with the whos real and whos not?.

RespectK RespectK
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 25, 2012

Deep down they all know you are seeing them for the money. I know sometimes there can be a very strong connection between escort and client. I've been there. She knew more about me than some of my family. Just follow your gut instinct, but don't trust everybody :)
So where in Australia are you ?