Sex, Drugs, Escorting, And Lessons Learned.

(** This is my first story and I am having a hard time entering it all in at once because apparently I have to edit my content. **) 

Pastor’s daughters are probably one of the most infamous characters among other adolescent girls while growing up. We’re freaking nuts. This is just one of the many examples of how I spun out of control. Just so I get off on the honest and right foot, I am not at all religious, I was just brought up that way. We could leave that to another story.

I was 19 and just got fired from a long-term, steady, job in the social work field. It seriously maxed me out. I had gotten really mixed up into the wrong crowd of people and had just started getting heavy into opiates, so my great work ethic I prided for many years sort of evaporated over night. At this time, I didn't care what kind of job I had to get, as long as I made money. Of course, I wanted instant results without having to do anything mentally or physically straining. Being on a long string of customer service jobs and being reliable, I felt entitled to an easy way to make money without actually having to work.So it began. I was never really vain but I had a way of taking nice photos of myself and always got a lot of feedback and attention from men all over the web. I felt I was really onto something, so I began to research web cam modeling as a way of making money. It sounded pretty easy and I would not object to it. It excited me also. The whole “stranger watching you get off” thing kind of satisfied a desire I did not know I had to begin with. So I went ahead and began working for a pretty common website that I went with by word of mouth and common reviews. It did not last long for many reasons. My cam sucked, and I was not willing to invest. Also, I was living with my parents and it was hard to get some home alone time. It did not take too long for me to realize this just was not my “gold mine.” My appetite for pain killers and driving out of state to go to shows was increasing. I needed more money without loosing my free time.
 After a couple weeks I just began to sell drugs as a way to make cash and get high. Hustling was time consuming and had to be done. One night I went to a party at my friends place. He and his wife were rave kids and always had the craziest “from dusk till’ dawn” parties. Amphetamines were passed around like cigarettes and alcohol was never hard to come by either. We would dance and get into intense conversations about life and other enlightening things until the wee hours of the morning. It was a great experience for me because at this point, I was very lost and alone. This friend of mine had a lot of wisdom to share, so I was always more than elated to pop by his place and party.
This night was particularly life changing because I met Stacy. Stacy was wild. If you could not see her, you could feel her. The presence and energy she omitted was exciting. Maybe it was the drugs and the alcohol, but we hit it off so well. I remember her voice so well to this very day, spitting off theories that made sense to me. Sharing with her things that I felt to be the end of my existence and hopeless to solve, but she always had an answer and positive spin. I could not help but listen and absorb what she had to say. Not only was Stacy incredibly charismatic, but she was also a knockout. So beautiful and fit it made my head spin. This first night that I met her I most definitely wanted her. I had always been bi-curious, and had my share of lesbian experiences with other girls my age. It got me so excited to think she may want to fool around. I must say, she was flirting with me, but I would have never made the first move. Way too closet bi-curious for that.
That night we went to the bathroom together in our silly, girly, drunkenness so that we could have a private conversation, as she put it.
“I want to tell you what I do for a living but you have to promise me that you won’t tell anyone.” Stacy began. I looked at her and rolled my eyes. “Please, who am I going to tell? You can tell me anything.” I said to cue her into spilling. She looked straight at me with her beautiful blue eyes so seductively it sent tingling sensations right down to my *****. I wanted it bad. She twirled a small strand of her chestnut hair and wrapped it around her finger slowly while carefully walking over to me. Her faced inched closer and closer to mine until I felt her warm, wet, lips crash with mine. I was in absolute bliss. But, it ended abruptly as she continued the conversation, which highly disappointed me.
“I sell used panties online. My friend’s boyfriend takes my photo and posts them online. These guys buy them at crazy prices! It’s so easy it’s ridiculous!” She continued while giggling. This surprised me because I was under the impression she was just a party animal, not a freak. Little did I know at this point, but I was so intrigued and turned on I wanted to hear more.  She began telling me of how she was living downstairs from her friend that helped her with a small escorting business. The thong sale was just the beginning apparently. I told her about how I had done web-cam modeling and was comfortable with performing for strangers. Her face beamed as she asked for my number. My mind began racing as I gave it to her. This was a great possibility of making money and not really having to work for it. This is what I had been searching for and I was not going to **** this up. And what better chance to take when a beautiful girl I’d like to **** is going to be modeling with me. I was officially reeled in.
Approximately a week after meeting Stacy we had scheduled a time to meet up. She was going to introduce me to her Madam. Upon arrival Stacy introduced us formally. Her name was Sandy. This woman was about 7 years older than Stacy but very fit, tan, and sexy. However, she was definitely a *****, very evasive and I just had a bad vibe. There were also moments when she was so nice to me it felt fake and it was all so transparent. I trusted Stacy though. I felt this strong connection to her both spiritual and physical so it was hard to not follow her lead. 
Stacy explained to me prior to this meeting to be inconspicuous and never regard escorting as escorting. It was regarded as work. This was mainly because Sandy had an 8-year-old son living with her, as well as her twin brother who was retired military. The young son had no idea about this business and Sandy wanted to keep it that way. As for the brother, he definitely knew. He appeared clean cut and polite to an extent. He enjoyed teasing Stacy as if she were his little sister. Stacy made it seem like he was a pathetic yet harmless loser.  Now none this did not make me offended or upset because I was 19 and definitely not interested in having children. I had no responsibility at all and I did not understand the importance of being a parent, and I still do not. Present day, this makes my stomach turn.
So Sandy, Stacy, and I spoke in private about the details of the business. Basically I just needed sexy photos to advertise on the website. Sandy operated the rest. She had a readily available track phone to take the calls. We would take our clients downstairs into what would be Stacy’s half of the apartment. The client pays $400 for an hour and $300 for a half an hour. They explained the “do” and “don’t do” to me very clearly and to wrap up the whole 411, Sandy made it very clear that I would be severely harmed if I am to go to the police and rat on her. She put me on some guilt trip that made me feel even more uncomfortable. But with the beautiful Stacy working with me, and gently stroking my inner thigh under the table we were conversing around, I soon became putty in their hands. I was on board and ready to work. All I saw was more pills and more dollar signs in my head. 
As the story unravels so do my morals. We would travel all over the place in the city areas, stay in nice places, and eat out at all the finest restaurants. Sandy and her boyfriend who would drive us from place to place financed all of the trips that we took. The money that Stacy I made was intense. We had about 10 clients between the two of us before noon, and we started our day around 6 in the morning.  The days were long but that money I was making was ridiculous. The feelings were pushed way down when I had a stack of hundreds locked in my personal safe. Blowing lines of strong pain killers made it even easier to mess around and feel horny while I was working. It was so numbing and rewarding I had absolutely no care in the world.
We would return home after a few days of going “hard in the paint” or “balls to the wall” as Sandy would put it. She would call all the shots of when we would start in the morning and end at night. If I even mentioned I was tired she would call bullshit and throw in 3 more “appointments” before I would end my day. I tried to confide with Stacy about it but she just shrugged it off and reminded me about how ****** I would be if I was not working for Sandy. I could tell it affected her also but she just chose to put a “positive spin” on the situation. It only worked for so long, so I chose to keep blowing my pills and that seemed to numb the feeling of entrapment. I was Sandy’s slave and she did not even know it.
Stacy was so good to me though. She would rationalize what we did so well that it did nothing but help me feel better. I looked to her as a big sister and mentor in this business, yet I had feelings for her I would never tell. I ended up living downstairs with her for the short few months I was working with her and Sandy. It was a pretty good situation. We would either work from home or travel south to the city for some action. Stacy would buy our groceries, take me out clothes shopping, and all the other things best friends do. We would get drunk and hit up a lot of parties that our mutual friends were having, if we could have a night to ourselves that is. One day a client called Stacy’s line and inquired if she would do 2 hours with another girl (Me). He would pay double if we were both there with him. Sandy did not even ask us, as she was making a cut from this offer too, and instantly agreed. I was so angry. I had feelings for Stacy and I did not want this to ruin what we had. If anything was going to happen between her and I, I did not want it to happen like this. Stacy reassured me that it would be okay and to just follow her lead. What else was I to do?
I remember how nervous I was when he first arrived. Not because of him, but because I was worried about what she would think of me. I had never been naked in front of her before and I wanted everything to be perfect. That was sort of hard to accomplish at this point.
            “ Hey baby, we’re both here for you. Now what would you like us to do?” Stacy seductively cooed at the half naked man. He was about 60 and really not attractive at all. His **** was small and I almost chuckled but changed it into a sexy giggle really fast when I saw him glance over at me. It’s always a bad thing to make your client feel insecure. You’re there to make them feel good. That’s our goal and that’s why we are paid so well.
            “Getting those clothes off would be a good start.” He replied and began to stroke his little tiny ****. He looked very satisfied. What a lucky guy.
            This guy looked like he was about to have a heart attack when Stacy and I began to ***** down to nothing. I tried to focus on the man but Stacy’s petite, tan, and tight figure was so tantalizing. Her **** were natural B cup and perfectly proportioned. I wanted them in my mouth. I could feel it watering as I ran my tongue over my lips in satisfaction.
“Now, I want you two to help me get this up a little higher. Start licking my balls baby, and you better help her.” He demanded.
            Stacy was the first to get under the man’s balls. My ***** ached at how sexy she looked as she fluttered her tongue all over the man’s sack. I quickly responded after gazing at her for a few moments and got right to business. The man grunted loudly as Stacy and I licked his balls and semi-hard ****. We eventually met each other in the middle and stared into each other’s eyes as we both worked the man.
            “Come on baby, give her a kiss. Make yourself feel good, too. I want to see you two play with your *******. Get them nice and wet so I can **** them!” He demanded again while shaking his **** in our faces. Stacy gave him a sexy grin and crashed her lips into mine. I felt nothing but tongue in my mouth for a few moments. It was so nice to taste her saliva. I then felt her hand softly caress my ***** as she slid two fingers inside of me. I let out a small sigh of pleasure and the man followed it was a grunt of his own. “That’s right baby, get our little girl feeling good.” He encouraged Stacy. And that is what she did. I was so elated with pleasure I came all over her fingers prematurely. The man demanded for me to bend over so that he could **** me from behind. Stacy got on her back and the man demanded that I eat her out as he “pounded me from behind”. I will never forget that taste. The man apparently bit off more than he could chew because he pulled out almost immediately after he stuck it in and came all over Stacy’s face. That did not impress me and she was also not pleased. I think he felt bad because he gave us both a $100 tip and paid for the full 2 hours before he got cleaned up, dressed, and left. That was probably only a half hour of real work. We made out pretty well but I was awkwardly enough uncomfortable around Stacy. It felt weird for many different reasons. I could not figure out why I did not feel attracted to her anymore, maybe because the fantasy was more enticing. All I know is that things definitely changed after our sexual escapade happened.
Sandy never had us do anything together again after that. She was pissed that we got a tip and the money for 2 hours. She took about 40% of what we had made, and then Stacy and I had to go half on the profit after Sandy took her cut. Sandy also began quoting us percentages and different rates than what were previously charging. She increased Stacy’s wage and decreased mine significantly. Apparently I was not getting enough calls and the real money was Stacy.
If I had known what I know now, I would say someone was a little jealous. But I bent down and took it in the ***. The pills drowned the pain, and I let it continue on for about 2 more weeks. 
Sandy continued to be a sketchy, evasive, lying, sneaky, and psychotic *****.  My “friend” didn't really care either. One night we got in an argument because I didn't come to "work". It was snowing hard outside and I didn't have the best tires.
I was text-messaging my situation and Stacy replied, “You need to tell Sandy yourself, I am not getting in the middle of this. If you can’t work that is not my problem.” So things just escalated from there. She called me about every name and the book and through a bunch of **** back in my face that I once had trusted her not to speak of. I was so angry and upset, and most of all disgusted because I actually had feelings for this girl at one point. I had sacrificed a lot for her, I thought. My innocence had been robbed and I trusted her enough to guide me through this.
At one point I was skeptical of it actually being Stacy because she was becoming violent and made threats to harm my family and me.  Sandy was ALWAYS talking about how she had people on standby for situations like that, if someone were to rat her out. Sandy was a  very paranoid *****. So I just stopped talking to my Stacy and Sandy, deleted their numbers and changed mine. I was paranoid they would harm my family and I was getting a little disgusted with myself.  I will never forget the money I made and the experiences I had. I can't say I regret it but I am not proud of who I was. 
Months went by and I wondered about Stacy. She was such a gorgeous girl I was so in love with her personality and positive vibes. She really rubbed off on me but after the experiences we shared I was hesitant to reconnect. I was also still a little bitter from her threats and words. She and Sandy both antagonized me throughout that period of time and essentially both threatened harm to my family and I. Who wants to invite that back into their lives?
Stacy ended up messaging me through Facebook about 6 months after the whole ordeal to ask me if I was attending our mutual friend's Summertime BBQ, and also wanted to apologize for the way things had played out with our friendship. I was really happy to see this and obviously accepted her apology and was looking forward to seeing her at the BBQ. She had told me that she quit the biz and was doing in-home health care for the state, and was also seeing someone. A boy.  This made me so happy. I sincerely believed her and wished her the best. Unfortunately I never made it to that BBQ because I started a new job in the hotel biz and wanted some brownie points with my new employer. I was dating who is now my current husband, and had started to wean myself off on the pills slightly, so things were evidently looking up. That would have been the last opportunity I would have to see Stacy. I regret not going to that BBQ.
About a month or two later, news had gone out that Stacy was missing. She was supposed to attend a family reunion sometime near the 4th of July and had not been seen or heard from since. This was unlike her. She had always kept in touch with her family. She never made it to that reunion. I was devastated. All of our mutual friends, authorities, friends of our mutual friends, and mere strangers were all working together to solve this mystery. We posted flyers everywhere, we had candle light services, and our community of friends on Facebook grew to about 3000 people. So many people wanted her to be found safe and sound. There were so many theories as to why she left. Many people at first thought that this was by choice. Sadly, we were wrong.
The fact that had been involved in the business came out in all the evidence that was found. There were signs of struggle, blood, and other DNA in her downstairs apartment. Sandy was in questioning for some time, as well as her twin Brother and her boyfriend. With my experience with these people, I immediately concluded in my head that Sandy knew where she was. I never tried to contact her or anything but in my heart I knew the truth would soon surface. I did not come out about being involved in the business to anyone until sometime in October of that year. The twin brother of Sandy was arrested and accused of her murder. The evidence found pointed it all to him. The only thing missing was the body. This was particularly hard on those closest to her, such as her family. Not having the closure and all these unanswered questions was just so heart breaking. My heart broke for her. And I lit a candle for her every night. I had not prayed for so long, but I prayed for her. I prayed for her family. And then I rejoiced because I was out of that lifestyle and living a normal, semi-sober, life. That could have been me. That’s all that I think about to this very day, and I am grateful.
Apparently Stacy and the brother of Sandy had a ****** up sexual relationship that turned out to be abusive and ugly. Stacy had also gotten heavy into smoking crack and so I can only imagine what situations were happening in that house.
Now, a year later, the man, we’ll call him Bobby, was brought in front of a jury and was found to be guilty of her murder, and weeks after that, her body was found on a frequently traveled ATV trail in the boondocks of Maine. Stacy got her justice, which is what we all wanted.
It goes without saying that I am terrified of that lifestyle now. The people you can get mixed up with, it is dangerous. I value my life so much and I am so sorrowed by Stacy's loss. She could have been more than what she chose to be. She was incredibly intelligent and smart. Those talents could have been so much more useful if they were applied. I now take pride in what I am now compared to who I used to be. Now don't get me wrong, if you do escorting, I am NOT JUDGING YOU. I am simply sharing my experience and how AWFUL things can turn out. If it works for you, bless you, and carry on. Such is life. Live it. This was my take on it and I hope this is some how useful to anyone aspiring to make this a lifestyle.
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Jan 6, 2013