On Escorting and Escapism.

I was an escort while I went to university for about 2 years. I loved it. Aside from the money - which was great - I enjoyed the escapism of inventing and reinventing myself with each client... I could be whatever I wanted, if only for an hour or two, reflected through their eyes. I had no problems with any requests (if you decide that you're someone else for the time being, it can be fun to play along). I worked for a nice girl who ran an agency with her boyfriend and always kept good track of our appointments, so things were relatively safe. I had a couple of run-ins with bad dates, but the vast majority of the clients were just looking for a warm body and someone to listen to them. I don't regret it, and I would do it again, if I ever found myself single again - it's not something my husband would understand.
Sandra Sandra
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Nice story. Thank you for sharing!

My wife has met her 'patron' again and it went incredibly well..she is really into this now....

wish there was a site where people who are interested in this could make contact...

I read this story a few weeks ago and it's on my favourites page - everytime I go to work and dont feel like it - I read your story and it reminds me of the fun side of it :)<br />
thank you :)<br />

Very refreshing to know that there are people out there who understand the complexities of being human and are not afraid to be honest in dealing with them.<br />
<br />
While my wfe is not a 'full-fledged' escort, recently she met a man who travels to our city on occasion and who will be 'remunerating' her for being his sexual partner when he visits. The first encounter went amazingly well and she was so stimulated by it -- and not only sexually -- that she is really looking forward to seeing him again. She seemed to have 'reinvented' herself when with him, which multiplied her pleasure and self-esteem. Her feelings of stimulation and reinvention were a huge jolt to us both, so much so that if she were to meet such 'patrons' a couple of nights a week we wuld both be very happy with that, as long as she feels good about it and enjoys it. If she wants this, truly enjoys it, and is completely open about it, we think it is a resounding plus and want to explore it further.

Amen buckminster. We are taught to think that it is a bad thing. It's not, but because of the negative stereotypes associated with it and the unregulated nature of the business there are many pitfalls. I know an escort that LOVES her job. I also know an escort that would do anything to get away from it, but she is addicted to heroin. If the industry were regulated what is wrong with a man paying a woman for sex? I bet it would lower the amount of rapes too. So long as it is regulated to make sure the women are safe I am all for it.

Would love to hear more about your experiences. My wife is an attractive Asian ( we live in Tokyo) who would love doing this for the right sort of clients...