I Quit, But I'm Here......

 I quit about 5-6 months ago officially...I haven't taken any money, even talked to clients or checked out any of the sites.

This has been SUCH a difficult decision.  Especially with money being so hard....even harder for me to find a job since I got arrested about 2 years ago. 

I honestly do miss hooking up with random guys, traveling, staying in nice hotels, never having to stress about money...

but I don't miss the drama about people finding out, rude clients, and thinking I might get caught..or get beat  up.

Heard horror stories of girls getting beat up, abused, killed, robbed, but luckily it ever happened to me...just got arrested which was a horror!

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3 Responses Mar 2, 2009

I did quit 4 years ago...

that's great that you were able to quit. I met a lot of girls that I worked with while escorting that just couldn't stop, no matter how much they were abused. Money is very powerful and it IS a difficult decision to make, but it's safer and I think you'll feel a lot better about it in the future

I am so proud that you can just walk away. <br />
You are so right!<br />
Its not worth the humilliation of getting caught and you family finding out.<br />
Or having it on your record.<br />
I too miss the hotels , random guys, and the fast cash. It can't last for ever. Im so thankful I never got arrested or on my record it would ruin my life.