My Brush With Escorting...

I step out the car and get closer to the guy. As I walk towards him, he looks mediocre, ok, not hideous. I get closer again, oh my gosh it looks as though his face has actually been hit by a shovel. And his jaw is protruding enormously. It’s now apparently obvious the reason why this guy has to pay for sex. He is not the rich businessman type, as I survey his outfit cheap denim jeans and worn shoes, it seems though maybe he just has one expensive habit, which by looking at him he can hardly afford. He instantly looks me up and down I don’t know how many times with a disgusting look on his ugly face. He smiles once but gives me more filthy looks than he does smiling if you know what I mean. Now I’m really scared and feeling like a cheap bit of meat, and that I’m going to have to do indescribable sexual acts with this hideously grotesque man. He welcomes me inside and tells me his flatmate is in, and do I mind. I say no, thats fine. He tells me to take a seat in the lounge, as he goes to fetch the cash. I go in, he shuts the door behind me as I enter. I survey the coffee table. I see a cheap bottle of WKD and some cheaper looking wine and 4 glasses. No dom perignon here then.

The very real possibility of having to give him oral sex turns my stomach. What if he asks me to do something even worse, like anal sex? These are all real possibilities. I imagine having to perform for him, and I feel sick. More to the point I feel actually disturbed by the situation I am in, I cannot believe this is really happening. I’m stood in his lounge. I open the lounge door and quickly look upstairs where he went. He is not there. I check the front door to see if its been locked. Thank god. I turn the door handle open quickly, I leave, shut the door and run out in my heels. I just paid £15 to get here for nothing, and I had to pay another £15 to get back home but I’m so glad I didn’t go through with it. This has been one of the luckiest escapes of my life, I really believe that. I call the taxi and go home.  I’m scared about my financial situation, but I still have my sanity, I still have my self respect and if I have to, I’ll negotiate with the bank/ my mobile phone company, and when I finish uni in 3 months I’ll work 2 jobs so I wont be in this mess next year.

I’m telling you this story because there’s good and there’s bad stories on the internet, no one really knows and to be honest, you’d be right to think the only way you’ll really know is by seeing the reality for yourself. I’m honest, I’m not going to lie about that. I’ve heard some great stories about escorting, and if they’re true, it sounds like you can meet some good guys as well. Who knows? Maybe I’m in the unlucky minority for having had a creepy ugly guy to work with. I certainly thought that by the sounds of the internet stories, that the creepy guys would be in the minority, and so I wouldn’t probably have a problem. Well I did, and I came face to face with this experience. The question you have to ask yourself is, even if you do think my experience is an unlucky one-off, it is still possible that you will be put in the same situation, and feel the same way as I did. Are you willing to take that chance? I thought I had mentally prepared myself for all the possibilities of working with an undesirable client. The reality is much more real than any idea you can ever come up with in your head.

Agencies are there to help themselves, not you. The reality is that even if they’ve ‘vetted’ the clients, they probably have never seen the guy in their lives. So even they have no idea about how hideous he could be, as they’ve only spoken to him over the phone. They’ve never seen his face. You will only know what he looks like when you arrive. Agencies take a huge amount of your earnings-as much as 30% . Remember, they don’t have to have sex with any ugly men, they just put up some underwear shots of you with a sleazy description underneath. The truth is they do **** all, all you’re paying for is their cheap publicity, and if you know how to make your own web page, you don’t need to pay 30% to someone else to do it. Their business is in exploitation. People who do escorting, generally, but not always, are in great need of money. This is why you get single mums, students, eastern European women working as a quick fix to earn cash. This is an ugly business. Think about everything you do with your boyfriend in sex- well you’d be expected to do that and more besides with a strange man. This is why you’re getting paid more than £100 an hour. That’s the truth. I unequivocally do not judge anyone in this business. Some people make damning and awful statements about escorts and escorting, when they’ve never lived a day and they don’t know what its like.  If I could do it, I probably would because I need the money. But when faced with the reality I realised I was not the kind of person who could do that. Well I came close, and this is my honest story. I hope it helps anyone considering this career to make their choice.

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1 Response Feb 13, 2010

I completely agree with what you have to say about agencies, it's worst when they act as though they're doing you a huge favour by giving you a job and you should just thank them and shut up. I worked through them for a few months, till I realised how futile they are, and then became independent. So did you stop working or are you an independent now?<br />
I can emphathise with what you had to say about meeting that man, though some things weren't so clear. What I hate most is poor hygiene so, if needed, I offer to shower together or, if I can't be bothered, say something like "why don't you go take a shower and get comfortable, dear?" etc. As for the person's face? **** all. Its seems like the strong revulsion you got from the guy (and if there's one thing I learned, it's to always trust that gut feelings) had nothing to do with his face but had more to do with everything else he radiated. I mean, a girl might be reading this and think to herself that having sex with ugly people is the worse thing in the world, and miss out on the important things you were trying to say - like, having the courage to act on your instincts, how agencies don't give a **** about their escorts, how great it is to be independent, etc.<br />
At least, that's the impression I got from reading your story.<br />
As an escort, you do have to have sex with ugly people every now and then. Most don't make you feel revolted and disgusted. Some have been disfigured by accidents, disease, etc. and just want a girl to make them feel wanted again, and not like a monster. Unless, as in this story, you get the feeling that this guy is a creep (and most creeps are the young and handsome ones by the way), I don't agree with walking out on a guy just because you aren't attracted to him. <br />
Working as an escort, you are going to meet guys that are terrible, terrible people. But they're rare, and you can learn how to deal with them (the best way is indeed just walking out, most of the time). Just wanted to share my two cents.