Ive been thinking about becoming a prostitute/escort for years now but neva had the balls to actualli go thru with it, I thought it was jus something in my head.. But now ive mad up my mind it is something i reali want to do.. Ive had 3 long term relationships that havent worked out and jus want to stay single for a while now, However i love sex and sleeping arond with random guys in my area or one night stands is not the answer as you will get called a **** by people you no and everyone seems to find out, so i figured sleepin with strangers would be so much easier.. I think il like the double life aswel as i wouldnt tel anyone what i am doing, I love being mysterious.. It might sound strange but i have fantasies about sleepin with strangers so i fink i would realli enjoy it. I no so people say there are good and bad points which i am aware of, but feel il rather find out for myself instead of having this in my mind all the time, you never no, i could try it the first time and not want to do it again or vice versa. I could reali do with the money too, Even if i onli do it for a couple of months or so.. BUT I have no idea were to start and how to get my clients? I was thinkin ov joinin an agency but at the same time would rather do it myself so i can be flexable with my avaliabilty and have my clients to myself??? Anyone doing anythin similar to this, could you please give me some tips and advice on how to start and wat to do.. Send me a message if u like



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I like
If ur in south Florida let me know

I've done it. I wouldn't do it if I were you. I got genital herpes. The guys you sleep with pressure you to do it without condoms ALL THE TIME and you freak out becuase you don't want them to do anything bad to you. If you want a big guilty secret that stays with you forever and an STD, go for it.

Have you ever heard of genital herpes? Don't say, "Oh, but I use condoms." While condoms are 70% effective against HIV transmission, they are only 30% effective against herpes. I don't know what the herpes rates are for hoes, but among adult movie performers (video hoes) the rates of genital herpes is 69%. Is your fantasy worth coming down with an incurable disease that will cause disgusting outbreaks on your privates for the rest of your life? Time to think with the brain between your ears instead of the one between your legs. <br />
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I'm just sayin'...

Pm I wanna make a booking

I am 19, i started escorting after my long term ex fiance and i broke up, i lived on my own, and was always struggling for money, i, like yourself, always enjoyed sleeping with randoms around my area, but of course, word does get out,<br />
I have a full time job in the IT industry, and i work Friday nights after work, and sometimes through to Saturday days, my new boyfriend understands now, as i told him the reasons why i enjoy it, how it makes me feel, like its my escape, i can pay my rent, and theres just something oh so sexy about going to work every day and no one knowing a thing about you, its a secret side, a little mystery..<br />
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Have fun,call up a brothel, actually, are you in Sydney? PM me if you want to know more<br />

Being an escort may be for you if you enjoy sex and don't mind skin contact and playing out a fantasy for a few hours. It's not for all women, but a fraction truly enjoys the experience. Obviously you should do it only if you truly like it and would even be happy to do it for free. If money is your only motivation, perhaps it is not worth it, you may resent doing it afterwards. <br />
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My wife had huge fantasies to do such a thing and I allowed her. She signed up with a top escort agency at first, to meet business types from out of town in hotels. She positively loved it. <br />
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Depending on how to go about it, it depends very much on where you live. The US is not friendly to escorts. In the UK one has to avoid escort agencies that specialize in foreign girls or that show face pics of girls. An escort friendly country is Canada. Toronto or Vancouver are very tolerant and excellent places to be an escort while keeping all your dignity and having fun.