Outside A Nightclub!!

i was on a rare night out lol, it must have been about 5 years ago, and i was just with a friend that i worked with, and we were in this nightclub and he decided he needed a cigarette, so we went outside, and as we got outside, there were police outside arresting some guy, and the police just asked us if we saw anything, and we said no!!! by the time the police finished questioning us, the nightclub had closed its doors, but a bouncer came out and said "you guys were questioned by the police, werent you?" we said yes, so he was like "come with me!!", so he took us all the way up to the VIP lounge, and we got free drinks till last orders haha!!! its justr a shame i dont drink all that much, but i have to say though, that i was actually pretty drunk that night!! (well it was free drink after all) hehe
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hehe lol!!

wow! haha, that's quite a story!