Shared Pain

I was a very shy, quiet kid in school. My family was poor, but we lived near a rich community, so I attended the same school as the rich kids. I was picked on constantly by not only the other students, but the teachers as well. They did not desire the poor any more than the other children.
Thank goodness there was another girl just like me who lived a block away and attended the same school. She, too, was bullied for being quiet, being different. She and I lost ourselves in books, video games, anything to escape. We were like sisters and helped each other through the pain from years of torment. We were good students, never did drugs, or cut class. All we did to bring on the bullying was keep quiet. This lasted through high school when we found something that brought us out of our shells.
Drama club does wonders for self confidence! We were very good at acting, as it turns out. We earned the respect of most of our peers in high school because of our success in drama. We may still be quiet little girls if it hadn't been for that.
Now, seven years after graduating high school, we are both beautiful, successful women, and still close like sisters. She's a high ranking Marine who just married a man that treats her the way she deserves to be treated.
At 24 years old, I have managed a fast food restaurant, I've been a department head and supervisor in a machine shop, I've been through trade school, and graduated college with a degree in business management. Now I manage a bookstore and cafe and I'm also about to marry the most wonderful man alive! Those bullies didn't keep us down! We survived and came out strong. I just wish bullying didn't have to happen.
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I love your life story! Keep up the good work.

Where everywhere you go there is going to be bulling around so you just have to accept it because if you let them see you sweat that is just going to give them more poert yo them and that's not what you want after a while they will get tired of it and movr on I had to learn it the hard way and believe me that was not an easy task If you liuke please friend me or message me I love to help people who need the help even if it is so small my door is always open I hope to hear from you soon until then take care of yourself your friend