A Middle Scholl Outcast

Well,I go to the same school for 7 years,and it wasn´t like that,i wasn´t that shy,in the first 4 years it was nice,i had two group of friends if i was mad with one friend I had others,but then one of my friends start to get popular ,I thought it was temporary,they made the classes chance and i was going to the class of the group tha wasn´t popular,but i had a fight with a friend that made things change...In the start of the year i made a friend on the new class,but i lost the group because they change for others schools,but i didn´t talk with this group a lot since they got popular´´i hate to use this world because it sounds ridiculous.So i made this friend and talked to then and lanche with my others friend.The time was running and i wasn´t that friend with the group that rest anymore.Last year I lanched alone almost everyday and i felt embareced,weird,and i think people used to look at me thinking bad stuff.I will return to this school this year and I,sadly know it will be terrible.Being a outcast isn´t permanet but while living it is horrible you just walk alone seeing everyone with friends happy waiting to be murder and don´t fell that bad again.I don´t want to be ´´Popular´´ i just want to have ONE FRIEND i can trust.This made me really insecure i don´t talk,i have nothing to say and people don´t understand it.This friend that i made,she has too many other friends,i fell that i am not good enougth
I am from france so i don´t really speak english well.
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

I know how you feel. People talk to me one day the next they are completely ignoring me like I don't exist. Most of the friends I did have and who are still trying to be my "friend" are bad liers and try to take advantage of me. I don't want popularity just friends. Someone who understands. I get you. Your English was quite good aside from misspellings. I am learning French here in America. If you want we can be friends ;)