The Outcasts

Me and my lonely group of friends sitting and laughing at our table. Everyone steering clear of us in fear that they might catch a disease. Not really, but we do sit by ourselves and most people hate most of us (me) I love being an outcast though, most of the people in my school are fools, lesser minded teenagers with the mental maturity of a toddler. What I would love to know though is why people hate me so much. There are some people I know why but others, people I've never even spoke to just hate me. Did I stand to close to you? Does my love of comic books and hatred of make-up and dresses and skirts mean I am to be hated? I love being different and I love not caring about any of those plastic girls. I feel at peace hanging out with my friends at our table laughing like pyhscos. Although sometimes I wish that people hated me for a real reason.
B33z B33z
13-15, F
1 Response Jan 18, 2013

I know what you mean. I hate those stupid Barbie doll girls who only talk about sex and other crap. They usually stay clear of me. Not sure y but I don't care