Never Fit In

I was always the outcast in school. Since I was 9, I went to a different school every year. So I was always the new kid. Once, I was the only black kid in a predominantly Jewish school; another time, I was one of two black students (the only girl) in a high school. I was always too shy, too fat, or too quiet to fit with most of the cliques. I was too clumsy for the sports crowd and too poorly dressed for the preppy crowd. So, I made friends with other outcasts. In my last two years of high school, girls didn't like me, because I hung out and got along better with the boys. I was finally popular, because I was dating a guy on the football and wrestling teams, and he was popular. No one knew me again, once he dumped me.

CagedRaven CagedRaven
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2 Responses Jul 22, 2009

I have to say that I was lucky enough to have a very diverse group of friends. I agree that the "not so popular" kids were really very smart, interesting, and kind people. They taught me a lot!!

I found that too. My friends and I never had to put on a false persona to fit in :o)