My Mother Saw Me As "punishment"

I was conceived in the back seat of a car to unmarried parents in the early 1960s. My mother, therefore, "had to get married" and since her marriage was never good (both my parents are very dysfunctional people), she pretty much blamed me for forcing her into it. From the day I was born, she regarded me as a burden and a "bad seed", and she still does. I haven't spoken to my parents since 1997, and, frankly, ending my relationship with them was one of the smartest, most healing, wisest decisions I've ever made in my life.

Don't be afraid to find your own way. If your parents aren't interested in having a healthy, loving relationship with you, it's THEIR LOSS. Grieve the fact that you simply do not have parents who are capable of loving you the way you deserve, and end the relationship with them. Don't keep poisoning yourself with their company and their presence and their influence. Walk away, mourn, and start to live.
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Reading your posts are just so encouraging, and they give me hope. You are very strong indeed. I hope one day I can have this attitude.