Pretending To Be Someone's My Story

It all started when i joined MySpace in march of 2007. When i began i really didn't know what i was doing but then i soon got the feel of things. When i first created my profile i never used a real picture of myself because i was to insecure to post one. instead i used a pic of a female celebrity i wished i looked like. I knew i wasn't exactly eye candy for the kind of guys i was looking to meet. I'm not ugly at all, I've just never been the girl with the coke bottle shape, you know the perfect big round bouncy *** and breast that most men crave. anyways i had been on the site for a couple of weeks and it was so addicting. I i would send messages and receive a few. But what i mostly felt was important was adding a whole lot of friends. So that's what i did every time i got on. I would just go to browse type in the age and everything else i was looking for as far as MySpace friends were concerned and that's how i met my first internet crush. Because i don't want to use real names I'm going to call him Micheal. He sent me a message first and when i saw how fine he was i new that we were going to become really close really soon. After about a week and a half of sending messages back and forth he finally asked for my number. I was sooo scared. I kept thinking what if he didn't like my voice. But eventually i agreed to call him. The first time i ever called i blacked my number using *67. And as we talked i got more and more comfortable. We stayed on the phone for hours just talking. Of course he asked me about myself and of course i lied about almost everything but my name. I still don't know why i gave him my real first and last name...i was so silly huh..but i was a beginner, as my story continues you will soon see how i turned into a pro. Anyway i described myself as the perfect 5'5 light caramel skinned black girl mixed with all these exotic races. And of course he wanted to see a pic. At first i panicked. I was like omg what the hell did i do. I've been describing what i thought was the perfect female and now he wants to see her. At first i lied and kept making up excuses like my computer is messed up and i can't upload any pics. and he was pretty cool about it. we still had very good conversations. But deep down i knew that if he didn't see "me" soon he would lose interest and I would lose him to someone else who is actually who they say they are and that can show him. That's when i stooped to drastic measures....TO BE CONTINUED.
ineedtogetthisoffmychest ineedtogetthisoffmychest
18-21, F
Jul 21, 2010