Strange But True

On June 29 05 I was arrested on my land I had inherited.  My youngest brother somehow had a deed to my property.  He had me arrested for trespassing.  On October 23 of the same year sheriffs deputy came to my house and arrested me again.  He said he had a warrant for my arrest because the 500 dollar cash bond I had put up was no good.   He also wanted to search my house because he had information that I had a lot of stolden merchandise in my house.  I ask to see the search warrant.  He said he didn't have one but if I didn't have stolden merchandise in my house I shouldn't have any problem with him searching my house without a warrant.   I told him no.  They booked me in and I stayed in jail about 2 hours that time and then they said they were going to let me go.  When asked what this was all about they said well we had a warrant and now we don't.  I ask if they still intended to search my house and they said there was no need to do that anymore.
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2 Responses Jun 2, 2007

God that must have been scary!! Sorry for your experience, even sorrier that it was a relative that did that to you :(

What a nightmare. It's so sad and too common when family members fight over material things.