Underage Drinking

My worst teenage drinking experience is when I got arrested for underage drinking when I was in college at the age of 19.  I was leaving a party and walking home with some friends through a football field, because it was the quickest way back to our apartment.  As my friend jumped the fence, I tossed him a bookbag of beer so that I could jump the fence.  As I did this, a cop shined his car lights on my friend so I took off running to the other side.  Little did I know that two other cops were waiting for me at the other end.

The cops took us back to the station and gave us breathilzers, which we all failed.  They had us fill out some paperwork, and dropped us off at our apartment.  We went to our friends house and laughed about the whole incident that happened.  The worst part of the whole night was that we actually knew the initial cop who we saw, but because I decided to run, he had to call in for backup, so he couldn't help us out after that.  If we would have just played it cool, we probably would have been left off with only a warning.

This was definitely a learning experience.  The rest of my college years I needed to be very careful when I went out to party because if I got caught again, I would have been kicked out of school.  I had to take classes about alcohol abuse for 6 nights and learn about the negative effects of alcohol on the human body.  It was definitely an eye opener going to those meetings and meeting some other people who had gotten into trouble with the law.  I think that I learned a lot from that night, and a much more careful even today when drinking.  Overall, tt was most definitely the worst drinking store from my teenage years.

heyeaglefn heyeaglefn
Mar 21, 2006