Young and Stupid

I was a freshman in college in New Orleans and underage drinkning is completely mainstream there. First of all, if you're on private property the drinking age is only 18. But anyway, I was at a bar and was WASSSTED---shoot, I was so drunk that they could have arrested me even if I was of age---and the state police showed up to do a raid.

They issued like 100 underage drinking tickets but because I was so wasted I got taken down to the clink. I spent the night there and met some very "interesting" people. My mugshot looked ridiculous because I was still wasted. The ladies in the holding cell nicknamed me "Little Miss Central Lockup" because I was so chipper and singing and (well, I was get the idea). I bailed myself out with a credit card, the state dropped the charges, and I have had no brushes with the law ever since.

All in all, a valuable life experience. And I am now glad to be legally of age.

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Parents have require to support the children. And take the action against if they are drinking. Alcohol abuse is a significant problem among the young people and a solution needs to be found. I think we need prevention programs and effective ways to reduce drinking problems among the young people, especially high school, college, and university students. The best preventive measures are often the easiest and most economical and can be easily implemented by parents and educators. Drinking under age is really a bad thing for everyone.<br />

Good for you sometimes it just takes a serious incident to wake us up. Samantha

Sounds like you had a fun time!