15 Year Old In Florida

I am definitely 'over' this experience but I still think it showed how ridiculous police in a Southern suburban town can behave....handcuffing a bunch of young girls ranging in age from 14 to 16.  Was that really necessary?  And I don't want to hear about protocol.  And of course the person who bought us the alcohol (a veritable crackhead) was a narc who cooperated with the police when they caught him.  I wish the U.S. would wake up and realize that experiences like this don't encourage rebellious teenagers to not drink.  It is a shame when such a large segment of the population has been arrested for nonviolent crimes that affect nobody.
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handcuffs are nothing, New Mexico is so screwed up. I was 16 and the sherrifs department showed up at a party and pulled their guns on us. Not a single one of us was over 20 thank goodness

What's unfortunate is that a 14-year-old felt they had to destroy their brain with alcohol at such a young age.