I Am Not Proud!

I was arrested the year of the tsunami about Christmas time. I was 20. Too much alcohol, too many sparks flying. What should have been a simple 'cat fight' turned into a serious scrap. She got jealous that I gave her hubbie a polite peck as a happy new year gesture. She flew at me, we ended up on the floor, christmas tree toppled over me and wrapped in flashing lights. She was ready to strangle me, I got away, ran into the kitchen and picked up a small kitchen knife and pointed it at her, I went closer to her arm, with no intention of actually putting it in her arm unless she attacked me again. I dropped the knife. The neighbour over the road let me in and made me a coffee and gave me moral support. 20 minutes later, me and my boyfriend were arrested in seperate cars. Locked in a cell for the night. Evidence came back showing photoes of a big pool of blood and a huge bruise in the womans arm. It was blantantly fabricated, I mean for godsake, the pair of them have had the social services round, police etc for beating each other up. They were sick enough to finish the job themselves to get us charged. And they almost suceeded. We were charged, my boyfriend for common assault and me for GBH. I could have been put away for up to a year. I found a good solicitor. But thats not the reason, I was ok. I was ok because there was no evidence. 4 drunk people...
bubblegum84 bubblegum84
26-30, F
Jul 23, 2010