For Littering.

Yes, it's a pretty interesing story actually. I was standing in front of a movie theater with a bunch of my friends and we happened to be discussing what we'd do if the cops showed up and told us to leave. Well, I told them that I'd just be a total smart-***. At this time I pulled out my last cigarette and tossed the pack to the ground.

Five or so minutes pass and a cop steps out of the theater and says "Pick it up!" Well, just having discussed cops telling us to leave I thought he meant "Pick it up!" as in "Leave!" "Get Movin'!" "Pick up yer legs!" No, he meant the pack of cigarettes. I turn to him and say, "Sure, we'll just walk back to <home Town>!" (We were about 30 miles away from home) and he walks up to me and gets in my face.

I keep being a smart *** and he throws the cuffs on me telling me about if he had been pissed he woulda thrown me to the ground and blah blah blah. Eventually we get the situation sorted out and I go home, but it was a long night.

Then, I was visitng a girl I had met online in St. Louis. (Just a few days later) The thing about that was I had been awake for about 40 or so hours at this point when the cop first pulled us over.

My girlfriend had taken over the wheel after I had proven to be too tired to drive. So, we're about 5 minutes away from her house, almsot scott free, when the sirens go off. Me and my girlfriend immediatly switch seats. (I was 17, she was 15. She had no license, but she could drive) In Texas it wouldn't have been such a big deal, but about 20 miles out of St. Louis the cops tend to take things moer seriously.

Apparently she had stolen her mothers car and it was decided that we would be dragged to Jail for Grand Theft Auto. Ya. . . not fun. I tried to take the dive, but since I was from out of state, all the blame was pinned on her.

Long story short, I've been arrested twice.

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You have so got to be kidding me. There are almost as many lady drivers as men out there now. My mother was a driver. Only thing, a lady driver has to be a real b***h to make it in a mans world.

No way? You're a damn truck driver? lmao Tell me about how that works with you bein a girl and all, I have never in all my days ever heard of a female Truck Driver

lol, I was arrested once for failure to pay a speeding ticket. $1165 dollar fine. That's what I get for being a truck driver. lol.