Five 14 Year Old Criminals


I was 14, and living in America for the first time. I got into a lot of bad stuff then, for it was the first time I lived somewhere that if I stepped outside, everyone spoke the same language as me (I've spent most of my life overseas).

I was with a group of 3 close friends that evening, plus another that I had coerced into coming along on our night escapades for the first time. The area I lived in had the rule that people under eighteen years of age were not allowed to be out past 10'oclock without an adult. Of course, we often and gleefully broke this rule. And when I say often, I mean every night.

We have some smokes (ooo, so hardcore). The 5 of use found a house that was almost completely finished in construction... and had one window that was unlocked! We climbed in, explored, and settled into a room on the top floor.

Around 10 minutes after we first entered the house, we hear noises. One of the boys in the group looks out the window. "Poh-Lease!" he frantically whispers. Chaos erupts. We run out of the room, and see the men have already found the window, which we had not locked after our own entrance. Flashlights are sweeping all over the place. (we found out later that someone in the house across the street saw us sneaking around and called the cops)

"STOP RIGHT THERE" A man screams when he spots one of us. We scatter. Four of us including myself run back into the room we came out of, one of the boys runs off in another direction. My friend I had coerced into coming with us that night jumps into the closet that has no door yet, and I join her (in my mind we were like ninja, completely invisible!). The other girl runs around frantically. The lone boy with us yanks open the window and tosses the cigs outside, and has half a leg out (I have no idea if he really would have jumped, it was two stories up) when the cops reach us.

"GET ON THE GROUND, NOW NOW" Flashlights are sweeping all over the place, more of the officers are yelling. The other girl not in the closet drops to the ground, with her face up, saying "whoa whoa whoa!" she quickly flips over when a cop nudges her, and at that time I am confronted with a man half again as tall as me, and he has a pistol right in front of my nose. I had taken a few steps out of the closet with my hands up, and drop where I stand when I saw the weapon. The other girl in the closet also drops where she was, half in and out of the closet.

I am laying there on my stomach on the ground, when an officer sits on me with his full weight, and yanks my hands around to my back. I feel the cuffs encircle my wrists, and he tells me to get up.

"Another one over here" comes a voice from out of the room. They caught the other boy. There are currently three police officers in the room with the rest of us. I notice we are all cuffed. He shines a light on my friend I brought, and says "female". Next comes the boy, and he says "male". The next part was hysterically funny, but not at the time. The light shines on the next girl, though friend she was, she looked very much like a male. I could pratically feel the hesitation for 10 seconds before the officer finally declared "male"

The light shone on me, and he called out "female".

I have no idea why they had to assert our genders, but they did. We were quickly shuffled out. On this part my memory is completely blank, I can't for the life of me remember if we went out the front door or the window. I have no idea why I can't remember.

Next thing I see four, and count them, four police cars outside, with 6 police officers in total. I am placed into a car by myself. While in the car waiting for the officers to enter I notice that one of my cuffs is unbearably tight, while the other is very, very loose. I slip my left hand out of the loose cuff, and quickly pry my lighter out of my right pocket, then toss it under the seat (I was extremely paranoid at this point, they never did search us though). I slip my hand back in the cuff..

The officers eventually come back in the car, and by then there are quite a few houses that have lights turned on and are looking at us (I'd say it was about 12am). The police officers ask my name, and my phone number. While driving to the station, and call my parents right there in the car. I can literally hear my mom scream over the phone, then I my dad took over (I learned this later)

At the station four of us are all sitting at the table, one of the other boys dad is ALREADY there by the time we get there, and he's in a private room with his father and the police. The remaining four of us all break out into giggles due to hysteria, while the police growl menacingly at us and tell us "this is no laughing matter" which only makes us laugh harder.

My laughter withers into a dark pit when the next parent to show up is my father.

I won't go into the details, but lets just say he was not pleased. I did find out later that my mom had picked up the phone at first and claimed "it can't be my daughter, she's asleep in bed" then she went to my room, flicked on the light, and ripped off the covers. The scream I heard in the car was when she discovered that under the covers all there was was stuffed animals.

That same night about at 3 am, I turned off the house alarm (I knew the code, thats how I usually got out) and snuck out again (I never said I was smart). I went to the closest house of one the five, straight across the street, and asked what was up, and if everyone was ok. Then I snuck back home and was grounded for I think 5 months.... I still snuck out all the time though.
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Yeah-- and if by chance they'd identified any of them as the mayor's, or police chiefs child the situation would have de-escaleted very quickly to the point the officers would be apologizing.<br />
<br />
It's true you'd committed "break and enter" but the cops acted like idiots. A large and ever growing serious problem in Western society are Police. They've not been around that long and the powers they presently have, I suspect, they were never intended to have when the idea of deputizing citizens to specifically enforce the law was hatched. <br />
They are an unchecked power that threatens the civil freedoms of law abiding citizens.<br />
<br />
If you're going to write that your husband, boyfriend, father (whatever) is a cop and they're wonderful people and I otta be hung dry for my remarks (etc,) --forget it--My brother and and brother-in-law are cops. They're wonderful people of course--but it has nothing to do with cops abuse and assumption of power. With the age of digital electronics and increased intelligence gathering capacity it could be strongly argued that police departments across North America could be drastically cut. If the city you live in is having fiscal troubles--it could be solved if the Police Dept. budget were slashed by 10% but of course, that won't happen because it'll threaten their grasp on power and they'd be able to pull all sorts of scams and job actions to prevent that possibility.<br />
<br />
Where I live, a run-of-the-mill cop makes more than a secondary school teacher and the cops that are willing to work regular overtime can take-in over $100,000 a year. My previously mentioned brother-in law made $110,000 last year. For what cops provide--that's too much, especially if they're employers have to borrow funds to meet their budget shortfalls and police payroll.

Ths story deserves a comment:<br />
<br />
HAHA, what a nice experience :) <br />
Wouldn't be surprised if they'd bring the whole SWAT team after you :P<br />
You are a good writer, I can almost imagine every scene in my head!