Today Evening

For driving a motorbike without documents and helmet and ID.

I'll tell you how it began.

At about 1:30 pm, I was at a friend's place studying for the calculus exam that's on wednesday. That's when i recieved a call from my sister. She was angry that i wasn't home to take her to her best friend's sister's wedding. I said" Wasn't it last night and we weren't going because you were late?"

"That was another function. I told you we'd be going tomorrow too."

"No you didnt."

"Yes i did...."

She was lying. But i didn't argue.

"...Now reach here fast."

"Not possible, it's at least gonna take 40 minutes."

"Okay hurry"

"So you're going?" Said my friend who was sniggering as he heard the conversation. "Of course", i said "what else can i do?"

"But what about exercise 2.5?" he asked

"At home i guess."I replied and cycled back to home after saying goodbye. I did hurry, but reached there exactly after an hour.

"They're gone." Said my little bro. "She went with mother on a taxi."

 Well that's a relief, i thought. I had been expecting to be screamed at.

Next few hours i did nothing. Watched tv, had lunch etc. Then mother came and said she had come early because they were going to the groom's house and she was tired and i had to go pick her up and take her back home on my brother's motorbike.

"But i don't even know the way to there." I said.

"I'm coming to that" she said. And she did tell me the best she could. I never understand her directions.

 But i got a slight hint and said ok, making up a mind to ask the way from some passerby on my way to there.

So i called her and asked her when to come and she said " you can come now."

I took the keys and left. I asked the way from an old man and understood. But i couldn't find the bakery signboard mom had told me to turn left at.

I'm not great with driving bikes. Its never been my passion and i do it only when there's an emergency.

I called my sis again and she told me where to come. "Got it". I said and took an about turn. I had to go two blocks back.

That's when two policemen told me to stop. And i did, remembering that i had forgotten my id at home.

First thing they asked was "Where are your documents?"

"Its my brother's bike. He has them."

"What does he do?"

"He works for a newspaper."(Its right, he got this job this month)

"Do you have your ID card?"

"No. I forgot it at home."

"So how can we be sure who you are and if this bike you're driving is yours?"

"Can't you please let me go this time? I have to go somewhere. Its urgent."


"I had to pick my sister from her friend's place."

They searched me.

"You have NOTHING on you except for your cellphone?"

"Nothing". I said

"Make a call to your brother."

I did. Explaining everything.

 The policeman with glasses gestured me to let him talk.I gave my cell to him and he asked the some questions like where was he and where was i going. Then told him to come there.

"You know what, he says he's at home and he thinks you're going to meet a friend."

 Said the policeman with glasses.

"There's a contradiction between yours and your brother's stories. You said he had gone to office and he says he's at home. You said you were going to pick your sister while he says you have gone to see a friend." Said the other one.

That's where i lost it.

"Yeah but why am i being stopped? What have i done?"

"I'll tell you why." said the other one. They both stared at me angrily and he told the bespectacled one to "take him away."

"Hand over your keys." He said and i did. He started the bike and told me to sit behind him.

"Tell your brother to meet us at Chowki Shah Faisal."

I texted him since i had wasted credit by then on telling my sister everything and saying that i won't be able to come.

I had no idea where we were going. We passed through many thin alleys, and there came the chowki. Well, a chowki is like a police stationette, i discovered today. It was like a small, run down house. Whitewashed and painted with a punjab police sign.

We entered there and i got off. There was not much room. A large uncovered opening (where we parked the bike) around which there were rooms. a small kitchen, a small room with a bed, a small office where some old bearded man was fighting with another man who had not returned a debt. A staircase that led to the roof. And clear blue sky overhead with last rays of sun shining.

I stood in the opening as they removed the casing and noted the chassis number and the number from the number plate. I wasn't worried. Slightly annoyed, yeah because my time was being wasted.

I looked around the place after they noted down my name, address, father's name etc.

When i was tired of looking around, i texted my friend where i was(same friend i was with earlier today). He called back at once. I told him everything.

"You're an idiot." He said and i laughed(because i didn't know what to say),  "i'll keep texting you, hang in there" and he ended the call.

The sky turned black and stars started to shine. I was tired of leaning against the wall, texting with my friend so i sat at the staircase. The old man left and another man, handcuffed was brought.

"You, why are you sitting there?" Said another police man who seemed senior to the other ones.

"Its my bike" I said.

"Well, the report has been filed, you can come and take it on monday."

"But.." I tried to say something but he had already left and closed the door of the small office behind him.

A while later, my brother came. He greeted the officers like he had known them for ages and tried to talk things out with them but they refused. "You'll have to go to the court on monday, submit an application and prove that this bike is yours." They told him.

And we came out.

"Congrats!" said my brother angrily. His two friends asked me the same questions, where were you going? why hadn't you took your ID at least etc etc.

"You think you're all so efficient that you don't need such things as your ID and the documents and go racing on the roads without a helmet when you know the state of  the things going on these days?" He said to me loudly. "I mean, Why didn't they use some of theit techniques on this thing?" He asked his friend. Pointing at me.

And we came back home in his car. Meanwhile my sister said she was still waiting for us to take her home.

"But i had told you to arrange something else!" I texted back but she said she couldnt and "why don't the two of you come here and enjoy the dinner? its awesome."

I couldn't reply and told my brother what she was saying. He started screaming.

We came home.

He started hurling abuses the moment he entered. Mom came running. He screamed at her and me. Cursing me and all that. And left for his office.

And now i'm angry. Is it really my fault that i'm being made to run like a dog wherever they tell me to(even if i have other plans), when they KNOW that i'm not even the owner of the bike and honestly didn't know that we have to keep the bike's documents and our ID with us? Nobody told me that. And nobody stopped me for that or even told me to wear a helmet for all those months. The documents were with my brother. And they still are.

I'm not even a proper driver yet. Although i've been leaving or taking them for a few months and they say i'm ok.

But still.

.. WHY?

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7 Responses Mar 13, 2010

Hello june, i never thought about that. But i'm glad its over.<br />
Mother used some contacts at the police department(one of her colleagues' husband is at some big post there) and so did my brother and they removed the report from the records and everything and gave the bike back.<br />
I guess it really was my fault. I should have common sense even when i'm in a hurry.<br />
Thanks Naomi. I'm really glad to see you back. :)<br />
I just took a break from studying and will go back after about half an hour.<br />
And i'll go study with my friend again tomorrow.<br />
Thanks for caring everyone.<br />
Love you all.<br />

That's not at all fair, I agree<br />
<br />
You were trying to help out and all this trouble happened. A hug for you and I hope you do well on your exam on Wednesday

Yeah, that's messed up.<br />
<br />
I'm glad you're OK though. It could've been people scamming, trying to kidnap you ::shudder:: sorry wall..hope u ok..*shake head*isnt ur fault..hugs

I understand. It would also hurt me. But what you can do... I think that nothing. Forget it as soon as possible, it's waste of time to be sad for something like that.

what hurts the most is that they all think its my fault when i'm just hurrying up on THEIR orders.<br />
Thanks for listening though.

i'm sorry... coincidence is sometimes crappy