My Buddy's Wife

I have been friends with Greg since school,approx 30 years.He has been married to Jenny for about 25 years and she is beautiful,very sexy and has always been a bit of a flirt.I have always had a a yen for her,but because she is my buddy's wife I have never tried my luck.Greg phoned me on Saturday and asked if I could come over and help him move a cupboard.I got there at about 11 am, helped him, it took us about 15 mins to get it into the right spot. After we were finished Jenny came and asked us if we would like some coffee and we all went outside to the patio to have it. It was a sunny day and the patio was outside next to the pool. Jenny sat down on the opposite side of the table facing me,the table top is glass and she had on a short skirt.  I could see clearly through the glass top that she was not wearing panties. She saw me staring and with a small smile on her face she slowly spread her legs a bit to give me a better view.I was quite surprised and it didn't take much of that before I started to get a hardon.I think Greg noticed right away what Jenny was up to,because he got up from the table and went down to the pool and messed around a bit over there leaving me and Jenny alone. I think I said something like you are very naughty,and she just laughed.She is a small petit blond with small breasts and long legs,she used to be a dancer.I could see that she had a small soul patch and a little **** ring.I was very turned on.Greg came back and sat down with us ,I was quite embarrassed as I had a raging hardon,Jenny was still sitting there with slowly opening and closing her knees,teasing me .Greg leaned over and whispered into my ear,I think she wants to **** you.I was quite shocked and stammered something like you must be joking.Greg than said to Jenny straight out. Do you want to play with him? She laughed and said yes,and I think he want's to play with me,looking at my hardon.I said to Greg are you serious,and he said yes.There was a little bit more interaction but basically we went through to the bedroom, Jenny and I on the bed and Greg in a chair watching us,it was very strange fondling and caressing another mans wife while he was watching us,when she went down on me and took my **** into her mouth, I could see him ************ on the chair.We basically put on a show for him, and he groaned and stroked while watching us .It was incredible but as I pushed my **** into her ***** ,she made sure he could see it going in.He came spurting all over the place.He must of *** 3 times before we did. I made love to her a few times that day and he sat in the chair the whole time wanking.When we had finally had enough I had a shower and she joined me we washed up and went out to the patio.Greg joined us and said that it was one of the most amazing sexual experiences he had ever had,I agreed with him ,Jenny asked me if I would be comfortable doing it again with them.She explained that she really enjoyed acting the **** in front of her partner,he loved to watch.This was the first time that they had ever done this,but it had always been a fantasy of theirs`I was still  a bit dazed by the whole experience but can honestly say it has been one of the most powerful sexual experiences of my life.I will definitely carry on playing with them for as long as possible.they are terrific people,I can honestly say that it has not changed my feelings towards them,possibly it made me feel quite special to be a part of this powerful experienceI was wondering if anyone else has had this experience and what there feelings are on the subject

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Your experience sounds like something my husband and I might do. We love inviting a friend to play with us and rarely do any of my husband's friends turn us down when they are given the offer. We've had far more good friendships get even better after we invited them into our intimate activities than ever went wrong (but it does happen). Mostly we become very close with our intimate friends and that closeness lasts a long time.<br />
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Your friend's husband sounds like mine--he loves to watch, at least for a while. Like your friend, he'll sit nearby and watch while he masturbates or sometimes will "hold me down" for them, which allows him a much better view of his friend's **** sliding into me. <br />
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I hope you enjoyed (and that you're still enjoying?) this opportunity your friends have offered to you for as long as possible. Be honored that your buddy thinks highly enough of you that he trusted you with his wife. And please post how it's gone since then!

well as the hubby, i've had the experience with my ex-wife, not my current wife. the guy was a very very close friend, it started with drinking, playing in the pool, on to skinny dipping, and her grabing his **** underwater.... they headed to bedroom, i gave them a few minutes then joined them for a true *********. it was hot watching him standing behind her, pulling her hips as he went in and out, all the while she was sucking on my ****.....<br />
i came first, of course, lol. and then watched as he "made love" to her. i eventually got hard again and we double teamed her again. this time she called it quits before we finished but all in all it was a very exciting experience.<br />
the next day i went to his office and that was awkard, trying to make sure he was ok, that we wouldn't tell his wife, and i h ad to admit i l iked watching another man **** her. that conversation went ok, and we remained friends. he ****** her a few more times alone and eventually he divorced and we went our seperate ways.

I wish i could watch but we have a rule that i can never know who her lovers are and i have to clean her. so i am sure that if i did get to watch i would have to clean them both.