Sometimes I Catch Myself Slipping,might Get Kidnapped One Day

So this week,two people asked me for my number in two,very scary instances.

I ride the bus to school every day.Not the school bus,the city bus.I have some distance to walk day by day.I get stared at a lot.By teen boys,girls,sketchy looking people,grown men,yeah.They just...stare at me.It had gotten so bad instead of sitting at my bus stop for around 15 minutes waiting for my bus in the morning I'd go in the bathroom and hide.
So,on Tuesday or Wednesday,I believe,I had just gotten out of Tutoring.I rarely ride the bus from school alone so I was with a friend.As soon as we got there her bus was there so she left me.I stood across the street.This dude walks across the street to my bus stop.I just stared at him.He didn't look at me,though.He walked to some dude and they began to talk about something.A few minutes later he walked over to me.He asked,"How are you doing" all fancy like.You'd think how he was looking he wouldn't know basic english.He proceeded to ask me flirtatious questions and things like that.He asked for my number.I asked how old he was.He says,"18 how old are you?" I told him my real age,hoping to scare him off.It didn't.He says "I thought you were going to say 14 or something like that and I was going to walk right back across that street" he asked me what my name was.I told him my real name.He asked me what school I go to.When strangers ask me what school I go to,I tell them a fake school half way across town,despite my hoodie,which clearly reads what school I go to and the bus I take to school,which is in the polar opposite way of that school.So anyway,I told him I don't have a phone.He thought I was avoiding,which I was,but didn't tell him.My bus arrived,I was so happy,but he wanted me to miss it so he could "get to know me" I said I really had to take it.He said,no I didn't.I then said,I really do.I walked away.That really scared me.

THEN....Today.Saturday.I had to walk to school at 8 something(yes I live 20 minutes from the school but I choose to take the bus).It was cold.I had a hood on and something to keep my hair in place.I usually take shortcuts through a college campus and whatnot,but I decided to walk the normal way.As I was walking over the bridge,a car pulled up facing my back.He stopped,and looked at me.He said do I need a ride,I said its not that far,but he says I shouldnt be walking by myself in the cold and what not.He said hed give me a ride.And he wants my number.I hesitated.And you know what I DID??? I GOT INTO THE CAR.With a grown man.No one else on the road,or in the car.Stupid move.But I trusted him.He drove me to my school,lecturing me on how he'd **** me and all this.He asked me about my boyfriend.I said I didn't have one.He asked me about my girlfriend,thinking I had asked me how old I was.I told him I was 16 and he went crazy.He said he thought I was 19 and I'm so tall and beautiful and he doesn't want me to get in trouble with "my man" and all this and how he has a daughter of his own and hed still "hit" me and blah blah blabbidy blah.He dropped me at my school but I didn't tell him it was my school and he told me his facebook.He asked me for my number,but I told him my mother has my phone (true)
I was a little freaked,and ashamed I got in the car with him.Well,I'm still alive,and I know if I EVER told my mother shed get onto me horribly.I wish I was really ugly sometimes.
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18-21, F
Dec 1, 2012