I Love Dogs

Let us get this straight from the start, I love dogs. I grew up with dogs, and so did my kids. Our Black Lab was as much a part of my home as were my kids. (and more then my ex-wife)

Back in the mid 90's a friend was going of vacation with her girl friend. She had this small, smelly disgusting dog that wasn't even liked in her home. Her son had found this dog in an alley behind a McDonalds.

As you have guessed, she asked me to keep this hairy, smelly, nasty critter, during their trip to Florida. I later found out that the girl friend hated the dog and she was hoping I would be willing to adopt.

The first thing I did was drop him off at the Vets to be clipped and shampooed. The vet did what he could even though the shampoo girl got bit. With dog back in the car I headed the quarter mile home. We went about a block when the damn thing jumped out of the car window on Route 1. I chased him through a back yard and cross several side streets. Back at the house he started by peeing on the leg of the kitchen table.
He couldn't stand smelling good, so he rolled in something dead and smelly as soon as I put him out.
I was doing a lot of writing at home in those days and spent many hours in my home office in front of a computer screen. Dog wanted to sit on my lap. When that didn't happen he cried, and whined. That continued when I refused to allow the critter on the bed.
I had a fenced in yard, that I hoped would keep him in. It didn't work. At 2 AM he barked to go out. I sleep naked and at the time lived alone. Something made me grab a pair of shorts as we went down to the back door. He immediately found a spot where he could wiggle under the fence and took off through the neighborhood. Bare foot dressed only in running shorts I jumped over the fence and chases him.
The weekend continued pretty much the same. On Monday evening I picked them up at the airport with dog. Things were really uncomfortable in the car. I guess the week-end wasn't a success.
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3 Responses May 13, 2012

sorry to hear of your trouble, I'm a cat person!

this critter almost didn't qualify as a dog. He wasn't near smart enouth to be a cat.
Now 17 years later the largest Black Lab (115 lb.) lived here for 6 weeks and he was a joy to be around.

I had a black labador/Irish setter mix- Smartest dog, he was so easy to train, he loved me! Miss him

i wish I had thought of that. Never crossed my mind.

i would of put it in a kennel and made the owner pay for it after she got back.