Ripped The Skin Right Off

      My story begins on a monday following the most traumatic week of my life. I was still in shock from events of the past week and a friend talked me into just getting out for a little. Upon arrival at a friends friends house, there were about a dozen dogs ready to greet us. I love dogs and didn't feel threatened and after a few minutes it was apparent that a feisty jack russel was the alpha dog. This dog was all over me and started acting a little funny. The two friends went to smoke some weed and I was left there with a jack russell that was getting jealous anytime i pet another dog or even stopped petting it. It was pestering me, so i started ignoring it. A few minutes later i peered over at the dog and it was seriously shooting me some dagger eyes. I had a feeling that an attack was imminent so my response was to act as calm as possible. The next time i looked at the dog it pounced (it was on a couch with me) it's bottom teeth sunk deep into my lips and its top teeth caught the skin under my eye (as close to humanly possible to my eye) it was my luck that the skin under my eye tore straight down, this was very lucky because it was attempting to latch on to my face which would have caused significantly more damage.

     After the dog bit me, i punched it in the nose (not too hard, just enough to get it the hell away from me) at the exact second that my friends reentered the room and started freaking out when they looked at my face. I still remained calm because panicking would have done nothing for me. I walked slowly to the bathroom and looked at the mirror and saw a considerable amount of very dark blood under my eye and at this time my face was entirely numb. The dog followed me and began acting submissive as if it knew it had done wrong. I immediately felt very uncomfortable and mistrusting of it and left the house. At the hospital, an emergency room doctor looked at me after waiting a long time and said there was nothing he could do. Luckily for me the head plastic surgeon had just left and came right back to the hospital with a special kind of stitches that the hospital didn't even possess. He did an absolutely perfect job putting 31 stitches in my face, using the natural curve under my eye to stitch my skin back in a hook shape. It has been almost two years to the day and it is healed despite a raised scar but looks so much better because of the plastic surgeons work. I have a cool scar and am finally becoming more comfortable around dogs, just not anywhere near my face. For a while, what really sucked was that no matter how hard i tried to hide that fear of dogs, every dog i came in contact with immediately knew my weakness and tried to exploit it. It blows when every dog your around tries to treat you like a chump.

    The problem that entailed was that this was a cherry on top of a previous week that had included seperating from a long term relationship, a murder of a friend, and one of my parents beginning a decades long federal prison sentence. After those events, i was still emotionally holding on to my sanity by a thread. However, that dog bite was the one that just set me off and led to about a year long depression which changed my personality. It feels great to get out these secrets and i dealt with the depression in a good manner which allowed me to overcome it and take control of my life back.
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Oh thats bad i feel sorry for you i also got attacked by a dog he bit my hand for about 2 min it was a rottweiler and i also got depression after the dog attacked me i wish you are better now =D

That string of events must have been extremely traumatic for you.. I'm glad you're beginning to feel better about the experience. :)

Thank you, it was and i am much, much better now. The only problem is the depression was so insidious that it changed my personality from very outgoing and social to becoming super serious, it aged me a good deal.

I imagine so. Traumatic events tend to create some level of anxiety, whether it's something noticeable or not..but you know that.