Waking To A Scary Thing

Most times a demon, or a devil or whatever one should name it, hunts me in dreams and force me to.. well... endure pain.
The demon will talk to me about a lot of things if it capture me, and not only talk... I would listen, and more and more often I would stop and listen to the demon. It did hurt me a lot, but if I did not flee it did not hurt me.
I learned it was trying to teach me something, to be obedient of sorts, but I would always decide to run to be free.
One fatefull day, this demon in the dream forced me to remain in the dream realm, and a lot of things happen. I could for once not go back to my body or wake my body. The demon made sure I would die to become a part of that world again. I was fighting for my life to gain concious, it took me five days to find a way to return to my body. Somehow I was able to.

Sometimes I cleanse my room with smoke pin stuff, which I know calms spirits.I would take it all around my room, and a extra circle over my beed to keep sure it would not come over me when I sleep if it broke in. One time, something really hissed at me terrifyingly so.
"Heeehhr!" kind of hissing sound. Others there would be something trying to enter my room, but I always closed my door with a key. Often something would climb over me, or talk to me through the wall. Beging for help, asking to open the door... (have a creepy storage room right beside my bed).
One time while I dreamt of the demon and fleed to the real world in the middle of a fight, the demon had almost cut of my ear with a sword in the dream, and the ear had the same wound when I woke up because I conected back at the wrong moment. Bloody ear... It healed, but when I wear sunglasses the other side is a little shorter. Sometimes I would after waking up take a shower, to find myself bloody at places impossible. Specially if I had been drowning in blood in a dream or swimming through it. My clothes would be torn but not any wounds on my body if I woke. One time... the demon really attacked me, leaving me to fear sleeping without a sleeping mask.
I woke one night, finding that my eyes were open and a blue figure was over me.
I feelt the weight of the person, saw the hands, the face was getting clearer as it inched closer to me in the dark. As I became aware I was awake and that this scene I woke to was not a pleasent one, I closed my eyes in fright. Not more than two seconds later hands slamed by my head at bote sides, and I could feel a breath into my ear as something screamed into my ear. I was defently not sleeping again that night, but I dared not to open my eyes. It took forever for the sun to rise, but it finally did, and when I feelt the warm sun on my eyelids I opened them and saw around my room.

The store rooms door was open wide, even though it is hard to open it.
My room was sealed shut. No windows open, no doors open, and I was lying awake the whole night waiting for dawn. No one left while I was there, no one came. After that I moved my bead infront of the storeroom door so it would not be opened by anything while I sleept again, but more creepy sounds emitt from that place. I try to ignore it, and all, but it's hard.

I can still see it sometimes... it's waiting to pain me truthfully again.
Barlong Barlong
26-30, F
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Spread your legs and let the demon take you to places youve never been....submit to your slutty desires to have your hot ***** controlled....

... really? I don't like being controlled, that means giving up control, and I'd like to go places I have never been without a demon out to harm me.... ... ...

Oh my friend, you do not know what you are dealing with. Demons hate us all, they are disobediant to God and they do lie. They are not interested in your salvation and will mess with you as much as you let them. People have gone insane and I urge you to reconsider your relationship with that entity.<br />
<br />

I don't fear demons, neither do I seek to run from them. They can't really harm someone living. And I don't think hate drives a demon. Sometimes, this demon has saved me, so I don't think I can consider it evil, not completely.

My goodness that is deep man.

If this is truly a demon, and you're saying you don't want it to stop in a way, that tells me that you are on your way to really having great problems. You cannot control demons/evil entities. You cannot bargain with them because they are liars. This is not the same as seeing the spirit of someone who once lived...this is dealing with something that never lived. Get help...now.

I do not have anything against demons, and my demon actually respect me and when I told it to stop hovering above my bead and be a little less obvious about it presence, it has more or less stopped making creepy sounds and hovering above me. However I am pretty sure he is hurt about something I said and wont accept a apology. Demons have feelings and I'd rather not have him sad about it or hurt. Anyways, considering he is a demon and that he is a friend, I do not abandon them no mater what species, color, soul, belief or race they are. I trust myself enough to know such things will not affect our friendship or even alter me as a person. Being friends with a demon does not make me any less myself, it only make me realize the differences in the world and to never judge someone to fully by what others say. Not trying to understand someone is others gravest mistake and for that alone it is painful enough when I understand some of how demons are. I do not think friendship is something I need help with, it is just our differences in culture that make us sometimes scare each other.

go to exorcist ...or in a church .(no catholik)orthodox church and take a candle and everythin would stop

I have dealt with it myself, I do not really wish it to stop either in a way, just have more controll over it myself. Waking to things can startle anyone. Today I would have.. maybe done the same, but perhaps opened my eyes and taken a good look on the face of the being/person/thing. Though, I still keep stuff in front of the storedoor, so I guess I prefer not meeting it yet.

I belive you

may i ask if this is a true account?

Yes, it is true.