Demons Are Real!!!

I was attacked by the Devil.  I remember something which happened to me back in March of 1989 at Ft. Riley, Kansas.  I was in the Army at this time.  I had been placed on what they called "rear" detachment, because I was processing out of Ft. Riley to go to Germany.  The rest of my company and battalion were out playing wargames in the woods.  In addition, I was what you would call a "back slidder" in the Lord.  Well, this one day, I was up in the barracks and I was laying on my bed half asleep.  There were 3 other roommates in the room with me.  I had just got off of what they called "CQ"  (Charge of Quaters) duty.  You watch the barracks for 24 hours straight.  I left CQ duty with the chills that morning and went to the barrack to sleep.  While half asleep, I felt a huge, dark presence enter into the room.  It came and stood over me.  I immeditately noticed I could not move my body.  Then I felt my body being pushed down into the bed.  Next, my arms and legs started shake and contort wildly.  My body was jumping up and down off the bed.  I was screaming to the other guys for help.  They came and saw what was happening to me and it scared them.  They were so scared all three of them were holding on to each other.  One of the guys said, "Patrick we do not know how to help you!".  Then it stopped, and my three roomates we relieved.  They knew they had seen an attack of a demonic presence.  But I felt different.  I felt very lighted headed and sick.  I left the barracks and went immediately to a A.I.D.S station (Army Infirmary Dispensery Station).  I walked through the door and they asked, "What wrong with you?".  Automatically, I knew I had pnuemonia.  So, I said, "I have pnuemonia".  All the people in the waiting room clear away from me and the nurses had people put white masks over there faces.  So, they took me to a back room and put a I.V. in me and took me to Irwin Army hospital.  Once there, they took me to the x-ray room and told me I had double pnuemonia in both my lungs.  I was like shocked.  The doctors and nurses looked at me as if I was on my way out of this world.  They told me I looked terrible and I did. Well, to make a long story short.  I prayed that night because I felt like I would not make it also.  So, I prayed to God and repented.  That next morning, the doctors and nurses were amazed when they saw me.  They were wondering if I was the same person who came in last night, because they said I looked gorgeous.  I looked so well, they took me for another x-ray and found not trace at all of the pnuemonia.  Therefore, they had to release me.  It is documented proof in my medical records of the event.  The devil may attack you, but He can't have you as long as God is still on the Throne.   God gets all the praise and Glory, He healed me and spared me because He loves me.  Amen.
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Amen I believe everything u saying

this is very real. i have been dealing this kind of stuff all my life. i just did not know what i was dealing with until after this experience.

Is this real

If this is real I've done many things like praying but nothing is working I have 6 scratches from the devil and I'm afraid of more to come


boo in aug 1999 he came out of tele that's what it took me
11 September devils face youtube google it

God is the answer. He will never let you face the devil or his minions alone. And if you are under demonic attack all you have to do is say the sinners prayer. "God I know I am a sinner. I know that you sent your only begotten Son to die on the cross for me so that I may have eternal life. God I pray that you come into my heart and save me Lord, that I may have eternal life with you Lord. I pray in the Holy Name of Jesus, Amen. That's all u have to do. It's so simple. And God will change your life forever. And no devil nor demon can possess you body nor take your soul. Because my Lord and Savior holds the keys to Death. My God has power over everything. My God is creator of All. And my God loves you!!!

I love the devil I don't know Wat the **** u talking about my little demons brothers and sisters

Great story, But if I were you I would seriously think about checking into a mental health facility.
The only 2 people I personally know who believed stuff like this happend to them were schizophrenic. And as for the idea of witnesses I say they are liars.
I am sorry and I offer my truest hopes that you will be delivered from the clutches of an evil cult.
Your sister in Humanity. Not Wizardry - S


Schizophrenic people are able to see and hear things from the spiritual world and this affects them. They aren't nuts

Your sister in Christ

I like two meet devil in real world.,.How can i meet devil...Can you tell me i konw itz very dangeres...But befor die i want two see devil...How itz look..

U Don't trust me

Thank you porterlulu!!! As for xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, you asked how can I prove this really happened. Well, as your read in my story there were witnesses. The 4 men in my room and the staff at the hospital. Just because you don't believe in God or devils does not mean they don't exist. They are higher beings and can easily avoid your notice if they choose too. But The Lord does reveal Himself in His own time and choosing. But also, He is the one who reveals the existence of the demonic real to man. So that the people living in darkness will realize what is the true force which is tearing their lives apart. The devil is the one who brings fear, worry, stress, anxiety, and every other situation which hinders people. Over the years, I have seen plenty of demons and cast them out in the Name of The Lord Jesus Christ. But at the same time I have seen angels big and small and I am not the only one. If you are trying to prove that God exists. You have to come with the mind He already exists. Because it is your belief that you believe He is real which connects or touches His spirit. Yes, it is called "faith". Faith is apart of His character and nature. He believes He is God and can do all things and there is no doubt in Him. So, any unbelief or doubt, does not register with Him at all. And those who seek Him must possess this attribute of faith as well to reach Him. Can I prove God is real lol. You, I know plenty of churches where His glory shows up and people are impacted personally by him. When you leave one of those places you will say God for sure is in this place. If you are serious and really looking for Him. He will reveal Himself to you. He will even reveal Himself to you in your own house or bedroom or at the lowest point of your life. Okay, I will keep you in prayer!!!

True true true

I love that inspiring story

That was inspiring to me and if that happens to me tonight, I would do the same things!

how can you prove this is real? maybe you just got sick, stressed, depressed, etc... the mind is so powerful it can play tricks with our body (when you have high fever you have hallucinations). I'm looking for answers about Gods existence so I googled "devil true" and read your post, coz if anyone has seen the devil then it would also justify that there is a God. Christianity is so stupid religion, if you believe in God you also have to believe in Satan.

It's real my friend, it happened to me last night. I woke up 2 times durning the night, one time screaming the other time sweating like no other. I sat in my bed awake after the second time I was awaken and I could feel darkness in my room. I then began to pray to God that he would send this spirit out... As soon as I started I began to lose breath very fast and I could feel the side of my bed moving.. As if some one was pushing down next to me as hard as they could. With almost no breath at all I finished my prayer and at that very moment the evil spirit had fled. I began to pray more and more and I finally felt the presence of God.

Its not real its sad. These are sad mentally sick people who have been preyed on by evil cult leaders. They need help but if they refuse it there is nothing we can do but sit and watch as others sell their sentience to false gods.

Yay God! Kick Satan's ugly red ***!

Thanks to the lord and always pray when u need help ok

It means you should pray to God because he does not let you force

Hello, I have read similar stories many times. People would tell that this **** would happen to them once or twice and it would go away. I have been experiencing that for the past 5 years, 2-3 times a week and one of the nights was similar to your experience. I don't talk about it in public, but till this days I'm searching for an answer why it is happening to me. I read that you were talking that "this" can enter your life because of the things like depression, worry, fear. It all began when I was the age of 16-17, at that time my life was perfect, no depression, no fears, not even worries. So I was wondering If you have any knowledge on this subject or may be any ideas. Thank you.

Hi scarlettnanonymous, yeah, when I told why these spirits can come into a person's life. I was just being general. There are a multitude of reasons they can come. I don't know if you are saved in Jesus Christ or not. But if you are not saved, then you are already subject to demonic attacks. Demons won't attack you unless they feel you are a threat. So, if your life was going perfect and all of a sudden these demon attacked you. It's usually because they saw you were going to get close to truth. Demons unlike us can see the movement of angels in and out of your life. So, when they see angels around or working in your life, even if you are not saved. The demons will attack you for the purpose of trying to kill what God is wanting to set up in your life. That's one reason this could have started happening in your life. Another reason is this, if God sent someone to give you a message about the gospel and you rejected it. When ever you reject a message concerning the Word of God, you invite demons. Demons will automatically come to you when you reject God's Word. Jesus said in Matthew 13:18, "When "anyone" hears the message about the kingdom and does not understand it, the "evil" one comes and snatches away that which was sown in his heart". Now to understand this parable, Jesus mentions that when someone does not take time to understand God's messages or Word. In the greek understanding it is to "neglect" or cast aside. The Lord goes on the mention that because of that neglect, the evil one comes, who is the devil. Whatever you heard from a message of someone about God. The devil try to ensure that message is erase in your life. But his means of doing it is through wickeness, fear, attacks, oppression and so on. The enemy keeps you so focused on your problems you won't hear God. You are under the category of "oppression", which means to "press" or "keep down". So, if you have any questions just let me know. God bless you and take care. Also, there are quite a few examples of this in the bible. Patrick.

Wow thanxs for this GREAT post

Dont let these monsters get to you its the only way to fight them is the will of man. Ive experienced more then my 20 years likes to perceive. Know in your heart that humans are good by nature and things that lurk in the shadow feed off the compromised will of the rase. you are not weak for having this thing connected to your life. The very opposite you are stronger then many humans to combat the creatures lies it tries to weave. Do not give in to the beast that has decided to rival You in a game of wills. I am plagued by Will the demon of deception and destruction of the highest order and will never allow passage to this material plane because i am strong. for if he over took me many lives and souls would be forfeit to his god of death and turmoil. FIGHT with all your power to make surtan your life is not wasted in this struggle for dominance.

Hon if this is happining to you on a regular basis seek help. I assure you its not a wizard. If you are having night terrors especially associated with seizures you may have some serious mental or physical problems. This happens to my Husband he has MS and its a physical sickness. Dont let these liars trick you into thinking false gods will help you seek medical help. Remember There are no Undead Wizards only science. Hugs

Pray there's no wrong way of praying , just ask our father to help u and he will if u really mean it .

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What if you're an athiest?

Hmmmmmmmm...........I am not sure what you are asking, "What if you're an athiest?". Even people who do not believe in God are subject to demon possession or attacks. Demons are not a respecter of persons. They have access to all people who operate in sin. Sin is the door by which demons operate in the earth. When you see the atrocities like in Colorado, it is the activities of demons. And those who do not know God or believe in Him have no solution against the works of demons in their life. Things like depression, worry, fear, murder, hate, greed and so on. Are all the works of demons. Those issues are gateways by which demons have access into a person's life. But those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior receive God's peace and are free from these things.

Thanks for sharing..God Bless you and keep you

I love to hear how you lift the Lord up

Thank you sister. The Lord truly gets all the praise and glory!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont belive in jesus or the devil cuz i am not a christen or catholic so i dont belive in these demon stories but ur story was AWSOME AND GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. but i still belive that no matter wat religion you are the devil can *** into ur life am i right???? it will be really helpful if u answer my question cuz im scared now

Yeah, demons can enter into anybody's life through what we call sinful actions. Sinful actions are the only catalyst by which demons have access to a person's life. Things like greed, lust, fear, worry, hate, sexual immorality, jealousy, envy, lewdness, anxiety and a whole list of other things. That's why people are so tormented by lack of sleep, lack of peace or terrifying dreams, nightmares. Because the demons are at the root of it through sin in the flesh. That's why Jesus Christ came to destroy the works of the demons. It is through The Blood of Jesus we have been redeemed back to God. Now when God looks at us, He does not look at our sinfulness, but He sees us covered through the Blood of Jesus. The Cross of Jesus has taken away my sin before God. Now I have access to God to His very Throne room. I am freed from the works of devils and demons. And, as a child of God I have dominion over these evil spirits through Jesus Name. Where I was once tormented by devils, I now have spent years casting them out in Jesus Name and trampling them like garbage.


Amen I seen the light and had an interview with both .One called himself a
lion and and I was able to see him, the other one was just a voice and said im not any animal im ur real father the creator and we talked and talked it felt so good but he sent me back to finish the mission he had gave me. By the way my name is Abram Daniel

My friend had something kind of like that happen to him when he was 7 him and his brother had bunk beds and slept in the same room well every night the bathroom door they always shut it and it was locked every morning the door would be open and he thought it was his brother opening it so one night he asked his brother to sleep in the living room to see what happens he was up late and the door to his room and the door to his bathroom were both shut and locked then like at 2 in the morning he was still awake waiting and the door knob to the bathroom started jiggleing like someone was trying to open it and then it opened and a shadow figure was standing there he saw it and couldn't move he said it pointed at him and walked over to him then disappeared and he turned his head and saw a hand coming from under his bed then he moved and it went back over to the side of his bed he was only able to ask it what it wanted and it pointed at him and went in the bathroom and closed the door he never saw it again until a few weeks ago when he told me that and I hunt dark stuff like this so we were talking and I wanted to use some of my equipment at his hour we were walking over there and he was getting his dog of the chain and we saw it in the shadows and it pointed at him I charged at it but it ran into were the dog goes to the bathroom and I had new shoes on so I said I'll get it later but that thing knew I was coming that's all the activity we got so Im happy that the thing calmed down so fast I haven't seen or heard him talk about it since so I hope I scared it off Ive been attacked by worse but that's my most recent one it wasent even a demon just a dark spirit

I do wonder how God decides who to help. You're lucky, your God came to your rescue after one attack. But unfortunately for me and many others like me who have gotten attacked everyday since birth and still get attacked everyday since birth, even when we are begging for help and guidance, HE NEVER SHOWS. I grew up in church, I grew up a good Christan, and the attacks kept getting worse. Satan (The Devil is so disrespectful) my mom was told before she was even pregnant with me that he wanted me because of how sensitive I was going to be. Go figure he wasn't kidding! So now, 18 years later I am finally begging for help against these things and nothing.<br />
<br />
Oh wait something did happen, Satan sent a high-power demon to guard me and protect me because it turns out these things attacking me are rouge demons (demons who wont even listen to Satan) and he wants me safe and clear minded for when I choose if I worship him or God (I had been on the fence cause I kept seeing more reasons to leave God). Isn't it interesting how Satan, this supposedly evil, twisted entity jumps when I finally ask for help yet God, supposedly kind and forever loving, blessed entity does nothing except put holes in the teachings in the Bible.<br />
<br />
Forgive me if you don't understand but unless you lived it you wouldn't, and I'm sure there are going to be a lot of hate comments towards this. Go ahead, say whatever you want and think what you want. Cause I know how I feel, finally for once loved, protected, and safe. <br />
<br />
For all you people out there who follow blindly behind the man sitting back and letting our world turn to ****, I hope you get whatever it is that you want from life. Also a quick news flash, Lucifer is a *fallen* angel, meaning he once used to be on the side of the man you love.Just take a long hard minute to think, really deeply think about it. Why does God let all these horrible, HORRIBLE things happen to good, innocent people who worship him? Sorry, but that is no God I would want to worship.<br />
<br />
All done.... And prepared and ready for the HATE. Have fun! Go wild!!

You asked the question about "I wonder how God decides who He will help?". Well God is impartial and He does not take sides or show favoritism. He will help anyone who calls on Him. I too, for most of my teen age years was attacked by demons, even after I got saved. However, it took me a while to understand the reasons the demons kept coming back was because everytime God would close the door. My actions or sins in my life kept opening the door back to the demons. So, it was never God's fault the demons kept coming back into my life. It was because of sins that I would not let go of, which allowed evils spirits to come back into my life. I just would not deal with sinful issues in my life like I should have. I would compromise with a lot of wicked things like sexual sins and ************, even after The Lord showed me to get rid of that stuff in my life. Then one night I was laying in bed and I could not breathe. When I opened my eyes, there was this demon standing over me. He had grabbed my face like a basket ball and was smothering me. I tried to say in The Name of Jesus, but I could not get it out. Then finally I did get it out and the demon ran out of the room. It was that night I decided and understood that if I did not rid my life of sinful stuff, they devil was going to kill me. I repented that night and made a sincere prayer to The Lord to be free of the stuff I was doing. Once that prayer was made. The Lord started showing me I needed to clear my life I all the wrong shows I was watching on tv. Stop going to the places where all the women were, and get rid of those pictures I had of all the women. The Lord literally took a broom to my life. When this happened, the demons stopped coming. All those negative things I was surrounding my life with were influences by which the demons had access to my life. If you get rid of the negative influences the doors can be closed. Not only that, but The Lord showed me I was even praying the wrong way at night and that was allowing the demons to come and attack me. So, no man can blame God. He is not a respecter of persons. But what He will do for one person, He will do for another. God bless you and take care.

What's the proper way to pray? I am being heavily inflicted right now and my thoughts/prayers are being manipulated and I've been writing them down but I don't know if that's what He wants.

Hey sorry, I did not reply sooner. Your post did not appear on my message board for some reason. Well, I just wanted to say, being tormented by demons is not just about knowing how to pray. Because you can pray all you want to, but if you don't change your life they will just keep coming back. I used to pray and fast and they would stop coming for a short time. But the reason they kept coming back was because I never changed the way I think or certain adjusted my lifestyle to holy living. I would entertain sexual thoughts and other evil stuff. I was lazy to stay on guard spiritually. There is a scripture in Proverbs which says, "Guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it comes the issues in life". So, if I am being tormented by demons, it's because I am not guarding my spiritual heart. So when you are praying, ask The Lord to bring changes to your life where the enemy has a foothold. But while you are learning to change you can pray this way. You have to be specific. Since, I was being attacked mostly at night and in my dreams this is how God showed me how to pray. It has been extremely effective: Lord I give you praise and glory. I Love you Lord, Lord cover me from the time I lay down and until the time I get up in the morning. Keep me from the presence of demons, devils, wicked dreams, and evil imagination while I lay down until I leave this house in the morning. I believe my prayer answer according to Your Word, "John 8:36", whomsoever the Son sets free is free indeed. Therefore I am free from the power of the enemy according to your Lord. In The Name of Jesus Christ I pray and say amen. Okay, I hope this helps.

Can the devil make one believe he is now God and when I die hell will be on earth and I will know. Went throguh a really bad episode for the last year fearing the end of the world but believe its after my death. Now my life is hell not knowing wjay to do or whay decisions to make just to save my soul and my two girls. My oldest has does my youngest. My oldest tells me how ghosts come for her and my youngest told me a dream of hers that im not sure how to interpret. It was a wolf brought a family of mice mom dad and two little one. Now I have a family of four. The wolf puts them down and the father mice pulls his sword on the wolf. Than a black figure man opens the door to this room and throws meat on the walls and the wolf leaves the family alone. She was not frightened but I was from my whole spiritual episode. They do not know God or Jesus and I must correct that. Help please.

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The Devil and his horde of Demons are straight up real and are out to get the best of you and blind you from the truth. Most people the Devil and his demons don't even bother with because there so far from God and the truth he already has them in the palm of his hand, it is the faithful, the belivers and the ones trying to seek the truth that get attacked the most (The truth being that God Almighty and Jesus Christ are the creators of this world, this uniniverse and all else, all authority and power belong to them and are theres to give and hold forever, Jesus has the keys to the afterlife and heaven (which is were life really does begin and if you have faith in that and him then you are a bit threat against the devil because you are on GOD's side, and there is nothing more than he hates than that, loosing souls to the LORD), the Devil works real hard, and tries his best to encourage you to sin and eventually wants nothing more than to steal your soul away from you and away from God. Your mind and thoughts is were they dwell and look to bend and twist the truth and everything it is that is the truth, they look to bring you down with them and that is the only pleasure they have left after beinng forsaken from heaven and ultimately there destruction of eternal hell where they will be in agony for eternity (thus hurting GOD and attempting to take your soul is all they have left and trust me in todays wolrd I would be suprised if more than 1% of our entire population were actually saved). As far as demonic enegry goes and it's reality, there is 100% truth in it, if yo have experianced the precense of such evil entities, demons or even the devil yourself, then you know how real and serious that presence is. Trust me I know because I have had encounters with the Devil and demonic entities quite a few times. After fighting many demons in my life, it is mentally and phyiscally exhausting. I also excercised a demon out of my prior GF and that caused tremendous problems, stress and pain on me, both physically and mentally and evetually collapsed our love and relationship. The Devil is hard at work on my soul and has been trying for years on getting me to destroy myself physically (working on making me want to commit suicide) it is his ob<x>jective with me I beleive, but because I belong to God and am on the Lords side I have had success in getting through this even when some days feel completely hopeless and impossible. I get attacked a lot because I admit I do not cleanse my self enough with prayer, read my bible to the point I should be and sin too often. That doesn't help trust me. Just this past night when I woke up in the morning from a dream that actually had me smiling, I woke up and it was almost like ok here I am ready for a nother brutally depressing day... but right when that thought first popped into my head I fought it extremely hard... at that moment I felt an INTENSE and HUGE strength of negative and evil energy surround me like I angered this presnse for knowing of it's place there and KNEW it was there and was trying to do. Knowelege of acceptign these things and trying to call it out can help rid it (wont suggest it unless you have had a lot of experiance with this type of supernatural force) I have gone through many months and over year of fighting intense FEAR and pain and depression because of experiances I went throuhg. I could probably write a book or at least tell you guys a lot more that would definately blow your mind hearing some of the stuff I went through... will post more here if you are interested.

hey some of yall have experiences...moonbather its not only non-christians who get attacked.see when the devil sees the close connection you acquire with God and He starts communicating with you this is when he will bring spiritual warfare,anything that will distract you from the word of God,be it the spirit of fear,of not being worthy,depression,sickness,doubt and all thats negative for we know that these are not things that Gods children should share in,all thats negative is from the devil and he uses that to question all the good and not see the work of God and stop you from doing Gods work......<br />
I myself have a few,even as i type i just experience one this morning,simple because the devil sees growth he is trying to instill fear in me but in my Fathers word he told me he didnt give me the spirit of fear bt of peace,love and sound mind(2Timothy1v7) Why should i fear the devil,he is beneath me...He knows he will never get the chance to step foot in heaven and i have it and it makes him angry,thats why he TRIES....and i know he wont succeed for no weapon formed against me will prosper(Isaiah54v17)..So why fear,why worry it is not in my nature...I declare it now in the Name of Jesus that all attacks come to a stop and never return in Jesus` name and break all bonds the devil has over our lives for we are Gods children and revelation to all about their dreams and the name of jesus....stay blessed....

Put on the whole armor of God. That's your weapon. When you speak the word a sword comes and tears them. In the spirit world the word of God is like the worst electrical thunderous horrific energy that the enemy has to feel. The word of God is spirit and light/life. Speak it, call on Jesus, and your Angels. Angels are not omnipresent-so they could be distracted or away on call. They will be judged just like we will be judged by God. Only God is perfect.<br />
<br />
Even when you die, the thief can send his angels robed in light to try to lure you to Hell. Ask questions and speak the word. It will cut them like razors and they will leave you alone. Stay off their territory and stay with strong people. Learn spiritual warfare. Remember Bible verses cuts them and sends them running. <br />
<br />
Also you have been given authority to send them anywhere you choose. You can send them to the abyss to the bottom of the ocean, to the core of a volcano, to the polar ice caps, to the desert, or anywhere else that torments them and tell them not to return. The angels will gladly escort them to wherever you want them to go.If you stay in the word you will become a strong soldier with strong faith. Many people are being deceived. They think they are talking to dead loved ones but they are not . If my deceased relatives comes to me, they''d better be ready to answer some questions. I will say,"Are you from Jesus?" If they can't say yes, then be gone in the name of Jesus! <br />
Blessings,<br />

Well, that was some story I have to say but hows did your room mates know it was the devil? <br />
How did you know it weas the devil? <br />
What was it you did so bad that you had to repent to get rid of the devil/<br />
Seems to me that it's only non-sinners that ever get attacked by the devil<br />
What would have happened if you hadn't repented wouldn't the devil have just gone away anyway?<br />
What's the connection bewtween being attacked by the devil and immediately knowing you had pneumonia - or was it that the devil brought it to your attention?<br />
And why would a God-fearing Crhistian such as yourself join an army that trains you to kill innocent people?

another thing, I now nearly live as a recluse, after years of crazy stuff I have no friends, even though I am nice and do get on with people like work mates etc. also I havn't had any sex for about 10 years when I'm only 26 man, something always goes wrong in everything I do whether it is work, women, friends or God.<br />
I reckon I'm on of those dudes kcirtap says has a demon walking with them. This dude has ruined my life and doesn't seem to be going anywere.<br />
Although I am quite verbally abusive to this person I do this through stress and when I'm not stressed I wish them to sort 'em selves out and to live in heaven with God all happy 'n' that. But I get kicked in the *** and they still torment me. bummer<br />
Anyone reading this will think I could be mental. I can assure you I am not but this **** has nearly sent me mental. duh duh duh lalalallalalala, hahahahahaha!<br />
<br />

My advice, seek a deliverance priest, pray the rosary, put on the armor of God (ephesians 6 ) in the bible , offer yourself to the Lord....things will get bad, and this won't pass overnight either but if you persevere then you will see Gods light , when the demon comes, rebuke him in Jesus name, even if he laughs at you , start praying...he will flee...eventually !!! You wanted help, I am offering assistance!!!

Live your life by the 10 commandments and according to the bible and nothing can touch you!!!!

When I was 22(4 years ago) some crazy **** happend to me.<br />
First I started thinking all these girls loved me and it was true love, I thought they could see me through magic. after around 1 year it was it was revealed it was demons or the devil and it was all to give me 'emotional pain'.<br />
Then they offered me a 'heaven in hell' and to get it I had too take lots of emotional and phycical pain.<br />
Then they said I had to kill the devil and I was gonna take his place, no **** I used to sit around writing plans to do this with someone I couldn't see telling me what I can and can't do and write.<br />
Now 4 years on I often feel a presence by my left ear which has been on and off for all 4 years so far, and I feel emotional pain through 'love' for women.<br />
During these 4 years I have had loads of 'attacks' often been held still and all sorts of stuff happening from them hurting me to kissing me. I even asked them to grab my *** once when I was been attacked (coz I think I'm funny) and they did. Next time I think I'll ask for a blow job!.<br />
I asked for Gods help more than once during these attacks and no-one came. <br />
4 years on still taking the emotional pain + very confused.<br />
This is just a very small portion of my last 4 years.<br />
Pleased you all got help, I feel for the people who can't and don't know how to get help.<br />
ps. feeling that presence now, find it very annoying so I always call it many names etc.(not sure if this is clever)<br />
I you think this is all mental you know how I feel.<br />

Poster<br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing your story with me, it struck an immediate chord because last night I was also attacked by demons (this has happened before but this one I was more conscious and participating). I was not even asleep, almost falling asleep at 3 am when suddenly some entities walked into my room and surrounded my bed. Suddenly I felt like I was losing control and I KNEW that if I fell asleep into their spell they would do something bad to me. I mustered all my strength to call the name of Jesus and the more I did the more I felt stronger. Suddenly I was strong enough to whisper (I couldn't shout) for them to leave me in the name of Jesus. I also called the Archangels Michael and Gabriel to come and fight these demons for me. Within a few seconds the room had cleared. It was so surreal. I was not afraid at all. I know they attacked me because I was at a "weak" point - I am struggling with an adulterious affair that has lasted for years and this affects my relationship with God. I guess when they saw I was with this guy they saw it as a "weak time" a perfect time to attack me but I refuse to be taken advantage of just because I am not perfect I know God still loves me even though I am struggling with ending this adulterous relationship and I know that he is there for me and won't let these stupid demons hurt me.<br />
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After that i fell asleep and had a very bad nightmare, one of my uncles who had drowned in a river came and knocked on my window and asked to speak to me. Normally I do not speak to dead people in my dreams (I am usually aware) but this time I decided to speak to him. He told me that my dad (also deceased) wanted to talk to me so I said to go call him. While he was walking away he laughed so loud it sounded like a demon. It was almost like he was laughing at me for being so foolish in believing that he is my deceased uncle. I woke up shortly after that and stayed awake. 10 minutes later, about 5.30, I was still very much awake, the entities returned and tried to attack me again. I told them to leave me in the name of Jesus and never to come back ever! In fact I challenged them to show their face and immediately I challenged them one of them showed me his face, a very monsrous looking animal. At the same time another demon began to knock hysterically at my window trying to get in and I saw a huge screen with words written in strange languages I do not understand. At this point I just told them to leave now in the name of Jesus and they all left. After that there was something like a storm outside and I got up and opened my blinds and there was no storm!<br />
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I am not afraid of these entities. My lord is supreme. Thanks everybody.

i have had so many similar experiences. what you went through can only be called a miracle. thank you for sharing it, as i really really needed some reminding. thank you.

Hey loneliness4howlong, I hope you are doing well. I read your comment about demons. It's not that people in america are not in contact with demons. You'd be surprised that they have been around you all your life, but you just did not realize what they were and on how they worked. If you have ever had a terrible nightmare, then you have experienced the presence of a demon. If you have ever had a thoughts about being depressed or suicidal then you have been around demons. If you have ever known someone who's personality went down hill gradually for the worse, or you have felt the presence of fear around you when you sleep. Then you have experieced there presence. When demons are present in a person's life or in their household they bring with them elements of chaos, disorder, fear, anxiety, and worry with them and anything which is destructive. Even though you can't always see them, their presence and the evidence of there presence is obvisious. God has allowed me to see them visually at times walking with people and certain behaviors allows them access to people's lives. So, you would be surprised at the bad things which are happening in people's live which is really the work of demonic forces trying to tear their lives apart. Okay, take care.

For some people it is difficult for us to believe in demons because we haven't seen any and since we were children people have taught us the devil doesn-t exist. But though =thank God= I haven-t seen it, I believe your stories because I know in the world there are many spirits forces and beings -and we are spirits ourselves- that our society ignores. <br />
My boyfriend is from Africa, and he is always telling me stories of the demons in his country. I replied him: "Well, and why here nobody has seen the demon, nobody tells stories about him, so we believe he doesnt exist". He said then that the Devil lives in forest regions, not in cities. He told me the story of a person in his country who killed the Devil. The devil had goat feet and the typical beard..., so he said. <br />
<br />
In our Christian history there are many events in which the devil was persecuted like the witches hunt. <br />
Maybe in this high industrialised world the devil is less found because we have destroyed his home, the deep forests. I dont know. All of you who have had an experience with him know more than me. God bless you and keep him away from u forever.

True True. You're very brave kcirtap and glorygirl. God is all powerful.Prayer is also very powerful.

We share in this experience. Knew there was a evil presence and their was an attack on me. Called out to God, and also felt the presence of angels in the room. Could not even open my eyes I was so frightened scared. For about 12 minutes, knew that their was a real spiritual battle going on. Then a peace came over the room, and I knew the battle had been won. Next night! heard a lion growling at me, God! how could that be happening. Started to shake terribly, then a whisper was heard. "He has no teeth". Again, peace came into the room, and the attacks started to cease. Although, strange as this may seem, my front door would not open on a Sunday morning when I would be going out to church. Had to go down to the basement, and crawl out of the small window there determined I would attend. After a few weeks of that , Always occuring just on a Sunday morning that too ceased. YUP! I believe you on this one too.

I doubt that it was "the devil" but I'm sure it was some sort of demonic entity. As you already know prayer can and will weaken there grip on you. As will running water and some symbols.

That is an amazing story. I am happy that you are better now and that God is (and was) with you. You are truly blessed.