A Warning To Others...

I was banned from Google Adsense. I didn't violate their terms and conditions, I was very careful. However, I still got banned for invalid clicks.

My only guess is that some troll or a competitor clicked on my ads excessively. I created a mobile website and converted it into an Android app (Google Adsense had no issues with this) but the app wasn't the best quality and I got some bad reviews. The app was for Gumtree Australia Classifieds (the link to this app can be found through my EP blog). Despite not being the best quality app, I had over 60,000 active installs and had earned over $3,500 in a week. It was a very popular app and was doing much better than my competitors (there were a few Gumtree Australia apps on the market but mine was the most popular for some reason, despite it's bad quality, it did have more features than the others which really were just the mobile site with ads placed on it, with mine people were able to log into Gumtree, respond to ads and also post ads)

I suspect that it was either a competitor that clicked my ads excessively or a disgruntled user who was annoyed that the app wasn't better quality (I tried to improve the app as much as I could but there was only so much I could do since I am not affiliated with Gumtree in any way. [again, Google Adsense seemed to have no problem with this when I contacted them about it) The other Gumtree apps got bad reviews too, but like I said, without having control over the Gumtree website, there is not much that any of us could of done.)

My issue with Google Adsense is that other (smaller) ad networks take this into account. If there are any invalid clicks, or an excessive amount of invalid clicks, rather than banning the publisher, they just take the money that was earned from those invalid clicks and pay it back to the advertisers. Problem solved. Although Google Adsense is the biggest advertising network, they have no system in place for this. A publisher can get banned for life simply because some troll the publisher has never met decided to click on the banners/links excessively. I think this is really unfair, and if smaller ad networks have a system in place for this, then Google Adsense should. It's about time that Google Adsense cleaned up their act.

When I got banned, I did some research, and there are many publishers who claim that they did nothing to violate the Google Adsense terms and conditions, yet they still got banned for invalid clicks. After what happened to me (I know that I didn't click on my own ads) I am inclined to believe them. Although there were many publishers doing black-hat tricks (and deserved to be banned) there were even more honest publishers who did the right thing and still got banned. The only explanation is trolls or competitors clicking on their ads, if anyone could come up with a better explanation, I would love to hear it.

Since then, I have tried many ad networks and obviously one of them come close to paying what Google Adsense pays. I earned $3,500 in a week from Google Adsense from just one mobile site/app (unfortunately when I got banned that money disappeared and I never got paid) and with other advertising networks, I am lucky to make $10 in a week. I have found one that stands above the rest, but still, I have only made $100 in a month with them. I will be sticking with them because they actually sought me out to advertise with them, and they are understanding about the invalid clicks and know that they aren't coming from me, but it's a shame that I wont be earning the amount that I was with Google Adsense.

My warning to other publishers is to never count on Google Adsense. I would love to say to boycott them completely so that the other ad networks have a chance at making more money (and passing the money onto the publishers) but I know how hard my fellow publishers work and they deserve the high earnings that you get from Google Adsense. All I am going to say is don't rely on Google Adsense for your main income, because they can ban you at a moments notice, seemingly for no reason (trolls or competitors clicked on your ads) have a back-up plan. Sign up with other ad networks and place their ads alongside with your Google Ads, just in case Google Adsense decide to ban you for whatever reason. Don't ever count on the income that you are getting from Google Adsense, I did, and now that I am banned, I am in financial trouble.

If anyone wants to know what ad network I am with now (which after a lot of research and trying many different ad networks, I believe is the highest paying) then please PM me. I will send you my affiliate link, I'm sorry, but I am trying to make money here and if you choose to sign up using my affiliate link then your earnings wont be affected, but I will still earn a very small commission. I'm struggling at the moment so I need this.. Also, the ad network that I am using focuses on mobile apps and mobile sites, as far as I know, they don't do advertising for the web, which is a shame because I have a lot of websites and I believe these guys pay better than other ad networks as far as I know.

Also, another thing I would like to say is that if anyone believes that they have a great (high paying) ad network, whether it be mobile or web, please let me know. I am more than happy to (research, then...) sign up through your affiliate link if you have one. I have some very popular websites/mobile sites/apps that can earn you a nice commission so feel free to PM me your links. I would rather support my fellow publishers through signing up through their affiliate links than go the the ad network directly. I know how tough it can be.

Even if you are using Google Adsense, please don't rely on them and also support the smaller ad networks by putting their ads on your site/mobile site/app, as long as it doesn't violate the Google Adsense TOS. I suggest putting Google Adsense ads near the header of your website/mobile site/app, and the other ad networks ads near the footer. If you do happened to get banned, at least you have earned something.
fatalcharm fatalcharm
31-35, F
Jan 8, 2013