I was though ! have no idea why , neither of my folks are religious (as am I).
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True that first one as a infant or young one is for the parents to guide the child twards God. Though here not shure there reasoning if they are not christians? But doing so did get you more open to God Jesus Christ our saviour. Hopfully you become a beliver in Christ and his salvation seek him acept him and be born again. Then too with this comitment it is offen flowed by a babtizim of your own where you are the one saying yes

Lol, Miss Jrjh, guess they thought you and I needed a double dip!!

Hmmm... I'm with you, I have no understanding of why people baptize babies and little children. My parents got me twice, once in the Catholic church and once in the Baptist church.... hehehe guess they thought I was extra bad :) I think people frighten parents into thinking a child will go to hell. Now seems to me, if their god is a just and loving god, why would he send an innocent baby to hell.... makes no sense to me, either. My daughter wasn't baptized and I know as well as I know my name that she didn't go to some "flaming hell" when she died. That's rubbish meant to scare people.

Pfffffffffffft god no!!!!! I was like 4 I think

was it your choice?

Yeah I have no idea why though

you were baptized.