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I Was Baptized Naked

I am a nudist and I was the first member of my Congregation to request the full Baptism ritual, which includes being Baptized naked. I feel that nudism & sex and everything else which is good about life should be discussed or even practiced & promoted at Church. But many people think that is somehow wrong (or that I am "bad") so you should probably stop reading now if you are already feeling offended or upset. (Or you can ask me privately for more stories about how I've been "naughty" at Church.)

I'd had Infant Baptism (which is considered symbolic and doesn't really count as Chrismation according to most Churches) before I was one year old but now I was sixteen and getting a Sacramental Baptism after graduation from Confirmation Classes.

Like everything else in my life, I did extra research into Baptism on my own. And it paid off! This is what I learned:

The Methodist Church believes in the full Trinity affirmation rite for complete submersion Baptism (quoted below), but that rite requires that the person being Baptized be completely naked (as called for in Colossians 3:9-11 / Ephesians 4:22-24 / Song of Solomon 5:3)!

As soon, then, as you entered, you put off your tunic; and this was an image of putting off the old man with his deeds. Having ******** yourselves, you were naked; in this also imitating Christ, who was ******** naked on the Cross, and by His nakedness put off from Himself the principalities and powers, and openly triumphed over them on the tree. For since the adverse powers made their lair in your members, you may no longer wear that old garment; I do not at all mean this visible one, but the old man, which waxes corrupt in the lusts of deceit. May the soul which has once put him off, never again put him on, but say with the Spouse of Christ in the Song of Songs, I have put off my garment, how shall I put it on? O wondrous thing! You were naked in the sight of all, and were not ashamed; for truly ye bore the likeness of the first-formed Adam, who was naked in the garden, and was not ashamed.

Then, when you were ********, you were anointed with exorcised oil, from the very hairs of your head to your feet, and were made partakers of the good olive-tree, Jesus Christ.

After these things, you were led to the holy pool of Divine Baptism, as Christ was carried from the Cross to the Sepulchre which is before our eyes. And each of you was asked, whether he believed in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, and you made that saving confession, and descended three times into the water, and ascended again; here also hinting by a symbol at the three days burial of Christ.… And at the self-same moment you were both dying and being born; -- "On the Mysteries of Baptism" by Cyril of Jerusalem, 350 A.D.

But these days most Methodist Churches use the short form (the last paragraph only). Including my Church (we're "Old Methodist") until I raised the issue. My Congregation usually performed Aspersion (sprinkling of water on the head) or Affusion (pouring of water over the head & upper body) while the person was wearing a water-proof cloak over their clothes. Immersion or Submersion could be arranged if you wanted it but they had to be done somewhere else.

Then I discovered all of the above and realized that I was supposed to be naked while being Baptized! So I made an appointment to discuss it with the Minister and find out why I couldn't have the full rite, and why I couldn't receive it naked.

I expected him to be shocked and for it to be a long talk so I was really surprised when it was short & sweet. He told me that according to doctrine it was my choice and I could have both if I wanted! Now I was kind of on the spot for bringing it up! So I told him I wanted to receive the full rite including the part about "putting off your tunic". And the Minister agreed! In fact he thought that it was an excellent idea and would get everyone talking about Baptism again.

We planned it as a surprise. We didn't tell anyone else what I was going to do, not even my Daddy!

On the morning I was to be Confirmed the Minister did a special sermon on the meaning of naked Baptism which should have been a major tip off but no one realized what was about to happen. My name was even in the program for God's sake! I don't think anyone suspected even when the Minister moved a shoulder-high partition in front of the Baptismal Font!

But the game was finally up when I came out naked!

I was wearing the usual cloak which didn't let anyone see anything good, but hey, it was thin and made it quite obvious that I was naked underneath it! And I was standing in front of the entire Congregation! Then I stepped behind the partition, pulled the cloak up & off over my head, and handed it to him (the Minister was the only one who could see me from the neck down).

He read the entire ritual, and then he poured Holy Water over my head and over my body as well. It wasn't full immersion but that's the best he could do there. I had been well & properly Baptized and now by affirmation & acceptance of God's Grace I was a full, Confirmed member of the Church! And when I pulled the cloak back on over my wet body it clung to me like a second skin! Tee hee!

A lot of people were shocked & upset and everyone talked about what I'd done for about a month of Sundays. But the Minister stood by me and so did my Daddy! After that a few other people asked to be naked for their own Baptism, but I was the first!

I had been worried about Daddy's reaction but the Minister had said that this was my decision, so I was prepared to stand my ground. It turned out that he was happy for me! I guess even then he knew that I would grow up to be a public advocate for social nudism.

I didn't even know that myself until over a year later, the week-end after I graduated from High School when my Teen Sex & Adventure Club had its big beginning-of-summer party. And I was naked for the whole event! But that is another story. I also have more stories about my Church or nudist experiences if anyone is interested.

NewChrissy NewChrissy 26-30, F 59 Responses Dec 4, 2009

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Wow, what a great experience, Chrissy. Thanks so much for sharing it. I think it was a brave thing you did. I have long been interested in nudity in the Bible and in religion.. I think most people close their eyes to what is plainly there.

I'm a 62 year old grumpy fart. Been a rather fundamentalist Baptist for most, but with a tremendous level of guilt, due to trying to grow hair on my palm for most of those years.

But like you, I've done some studying, and am mellowing in my old age; I've begun to think, e.g., that the dreaded "M" word should not be so dreaded. All that happens is, we "go forward" at the end of the service, promise all that we are going to be good little Christians. Then we go home, and for adolescent boys at least, within a day or two, get especially horny; maybe we will have a wet dream--but more likely, we will commit the "SIN OF ONAN!!!!" Which is not, BTW, what what Onan did, as you well know, I'm certain.

So, after all that, we are now guilty, and that vow we made? Well, we know it is worse to make a vow and not keep it, so we are now guilty of double jeopardy! And we try harder, and fall flatter on our face, and try even harder, and lather, rinse, repeat.

And so finally, we just give up and quit the faith. If God can't keep our horniness under control, He can't love me. Why try to serve such an angry, hateful God? And before it is all over, we grow to hate a God who would have such a sick sense of humor, to command us to not have such primal, basic, *created-in-us* needs.

I propose that many, if not most, Christians have suffered this kind of guilt--at least in the west.

So, I am violating one of the major tenets of Southern Baptist dogma, and telling people I don't care, there is nothing wrong with relieving their internal sexual pressure by ************. My soapbox. My story, an' I'm a stickin' to it.

wow, that takes guts a lot to start a movement like that. I'm proud of you for going on your own and making it happen for yourself.

thats awesome

also a few pagan and christian sects practice religious nudity its not sexual its perfectly sacred

Now that is what i call standing up for a cause in a true way and also enjoying it! adored your baptism!

I'll bet the church attendance went up $$

Well done

I think I will convert. Good for you.

Do what you believe in. :-)

I would've done the same thing, but my Christian Pastor probably wouldn't like it very much. I got baptized 2 years ago in a lake in the state of Maine U.S.A..

Are you kidding? I'm totally interested and excited about it! I like your hearing about your experience, love nudism and, believe it or not, share some of your church background! In some kind of way, nudism, especially when others are watching, is one of the most exciting experiences of my life. I don't know why but it just inflames me. The most exciting experience that I ever had, nudity and public sex, was at a nudist resort. If you're interested, let me know and I'll tell you about it.

Great story. My church doesn't baptise people a second time, nor did the one my parents belonged to when I was 14, so this was never anything that ever occurred to me. Needless to say, I am very jealous. You are to be commended for your action.

Chrissy it sounds like you really love your birthday suit which is definitely bold. I'm not sure how to say this without completely offending you, but baptism (clothed or not) does not equal salvation, but is only symbolic of the changes that have taken place in the heart of a sinner that has repented of their sins and given their life to Christ and turned away from sin. Being baptized but yet remaining engaged in sin saves a person from what?

Loving one\'s \"birthday suit\" is really a wonderful concept. Why shouldn\'t she love it. God created it and anything he creates is beautiful. The baptizim is just as valid and whether or not she repents of her sins, is a matter that\'s strictly between her and God. \"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone\" - Jesus Christ

I do love my birthday suit! (Everyone loves my birthday suit!! Tee hee.)

There\'s nothing wrong with being comfortable in your own skin and I know many women wish they liked their birthday suits as much, but we all need to be careful with what we do with our skin and sexual sin seems to be the Achilles heal for many so I just wanted to remind all of us of the dangers. To nozzleman, judging a person is wrong as given by your example, but judging between righteousness and immortality must be done. So to Chrissy, enjoy your sexuality as much as you can but please be reminded that it\'s very important to stay within the confines of God\'s laws and commandments. God is a serious God which we\'ll all find out one day so let\'s not blow it by being too casual with our liberties.

Thank you for being concerned. I try to distinguish my moral feelings & thoughts about nudity from my sexual desires & urges. I know those are two different things but throw in other people\'s reactions/responses when I\'m naked and it sometimes gets confusing!

That\'s why it\'s sometimes best to dress like your grandmother did - full-length dresses and blouses completely closed to the top. It might not be sexy but it keeps the guys at bay and you out of trouble. Chrissy I don\'t know you from the hole in the ground, but I want to see you in Heaven one day so please please take this seriously and behave! :)

Yes and you don't in the slightest want to spank Chrissy for being a naughty girl, do you?

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I applaud you for doing the nude Baptism and for the story.

This is truly inspirational. I too always felt the nudism and Christianity go hand in hand. Good for standing up for your beliefs.

I was standing up for my beliefs, wasn\'t I! But I was also being mischievous. (I do that sometimes. Spank me.)

This is one of the most inspiring stories I have read in a long time. Yet again you have impressed me beyond words. Well done my dear, I am proud of you

Beyond words only leaves actions to show me how you feel. (Try to use your words first, Dear.)

Your lack of fear in showing your religious freedom is what this world needs more of. Not standing for the status quo and researching into the topic to find the TRUTH. Too many people are willing to toe the line and believe what they have been told is gospel.
God made us this way, yet some in the church want us to act in a way that they see as \"moral\" which yet in reality has no basis in fact.
I read way to much, I don\'t believe in one organized religion, yet I believe.
I think that is what\'s important. If we want to be free and naked as god made us, I think we should, and you did just that.
For this I applaud you.

And for the record, if I was closer. I would show you in actions... Oh yes!!!

I am, can you inbox them please?

NewChrissy, I think your story is beautiful. It moved me greatly and made me think about what's really important in life. I think you're very corageous for doing what you thought was right in spite of what any one else thought. That's how I've kind of lived my whole life. Thank you so much for sharing it!
Allan :-)

I guess it takes courage to do what you think is wrong too. Some people think I was incorrect, or selfish, or something. I just know I was naked! (And everyone else knew it too!! Tee hee.)

I'm surprised they went through with it. But you did the research and found something that is more inline with who you are. Way to go!!

Purrrrrrr! Purr, purr, purr!

Great story...I bet you woke up some folks thaqt Sunday! :)

And right here on EP as well, apparently.

I\'d have to agree...a lot of folks are enjoying this story!

Yes I would Love to read more stories where you get naked.

Great story - and glad you made the decision for baptism (beyond the infant baptism).

I\'m glad too, and I\'m glad I posted about it. I didn\'t learn about the subtleties of Baptism versus re-Baptism until they were pointed out to me here by other commenters.

That whole discussion was boringly pedantic. I have no difficulties with adult rebaptism, simply because of its symbolic and commitment value.

How do you feel about re-virginification?

Good story. I'm not Christian so a Christian baptism would not be appropriate for me. However, I was married naked.

My Mommy & Daddy were married naked. Her parents did NOT approve! I want a nude ceremony when I get married.

It is my understanding that on the Pacific coast, there are very liberal ministers who will marry a naked couple.

Did not know that your parents were also sex radicals. The best man and the matron of honour should be naked as well. Any more people than that, and a naked wedding become awkward.

I have friends (Emmanuel & Stephanie) who are identical twin submissives. They married identical twin masters in TWO double ceremonies (each woman marrying first one man then the other). Then the women were ordered to ***** for the after-party (& honeymoon, & everything after that). The wedding itself had no nudity but the vows were very unusual (I helped write them!) and many people on the Brides\' side (perhaps on the Grooms\' side too) were scandalized. (There is more to that story, of course.)

It is unusual and I don\'t know how they are getting away with it! (The legal aspects are just one kind of problem they face.) Friends may ask me about this (or anything else) privately after we know each other better.

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"Teen Sex & Adventure Club"?
Would love to know more about that.

When I got to College I was surprised to discover that most neighborhoods don\'t have anything like a TS&AC. Until then I had no idea that my experiences growing up having/learning about sex and playing lots of naughty games with other children were so rare.

I sent you a message. I\'d really like to hear more about this club.

Allright! I suppose this is all serious stuff so I'll respond in kind. First of all the minister that allowed it is a pervert. Second, scripture is interpreted by other scripture and the common meaning behind any word!
uh, Crissy, you are young, naive and if you were 55 years old, we would not be discussing this because there is nothing more exciting than a young girl getting nude in the water!! There is nothing forbidding anyone from nude baptism, yet I would encourage the men to not be present for a womans baptism and visa versa!

I would love to hear more of ur "naughty" church stories ;)

New Chrissy, you are a 21st century sex radical. Big deal.
You also know some university mathematics. Quite curious.
You are warm to the Church. Now here we are talking one of the most unusual people in all of EP!

I cannot believe that there is a single minister in all of KS who was willing to baptize you naked, esp. after puberty.

I agree that the Gospels do not take a firm prudish position. But the Letters of Paul do. But Paul is far kinder that Leviticus and Deuteronomy.
The Song of Songs casts prudishness out the window.

The only naked baptism I know of is the Greek Orthodox ritual, whereby the naked baby is very quickly immersed. I've witnessed this.

Adam and Eve were naked of course, at least until they bit into the Fruit.
It is very likely that Christ was crucified naked. And shedding the old garments of sin, being transitionally naked, and then putting on the clean garment of faith and love, has evident symbolic value. But until 50 years ago, all clergymen were male, and we cannot have male clergy gazing upon teen nakedness, can we? I would support an all woman annual baptism ceremony with nakedness, as an option for devout Christians.
The men would have their own ceremony.

I am surprised that your wish for a fully naked and public baptism was granted.

"I didn't even know that myself until over a year later, the week-end after I graduated from High School when my Teen Sex & Adventure Club had its big beginning-of-summer party. And I was naked for the whole event!"
Am surprised at your gutsiness.

But I believe that ours is a time of women feeling the sap rise in their veins. Women are growing tired of prudishness, body shame, and body shaming. The slogan for our era may be "I have no problem with my body, only with people who have a problem with my body."

The bikini is a teenage male smirk cut from textile. There is a sense in which fully naked is more honest. Why should a woman be embarrassed by her breasts? They will feed her babies. Isn't that glorious? The slit between her legs is where her children will begin their life journeys. Isn't that glorious as well? Women tend to be heavy in the butt and thighs. But this solidity grounds her strength, and makes pregnancy easier. This is where she stores the fat that enabled her ancestors to survive famines. The problem is not female nudity but male immaturity.

Do be careful about the men you let see you naked. But otherwise don't be afraid. After all, women are in the majority, and your bodies do not betray your erotic feelings. Just because nakedness can be awkward for men is no reason for you to feel awkward.

Thank you consa. But my body DOES betray my arousal and erotic feelings! Tee hee!!

I am a baby boomer from the lower midwest. I am from your world, but of your parents' generation. In my place and time, it was common for people to blush, even adults. I don't much see it anymore, and even the word is less and less used.

Do you blush when naked? I am told that some women blush in the chest as well as in the face.

Do your nipples get hard? That is not highly embarrassing, and is usually more an indication of cool temperature than of arousal.

Worldly men in my long ago college days used to say that a woman can be horny yet deny it. Men do not have that strategic advantage. Am I to conclude that you are an exception? At any rate, if you've kept your pubic hair, I don't see how your Special Place can betray your feelings.

I blush often, and sometimes color deeply or show it all the way down my chest (almost) to my nipples! I was born & raised as a nudist in a family of nudists but I still get embarrassed easily, especially from friends' or strangers' reactions to my nudity. (My friends & lovers like to see me blush whenever they embarrass me in public!)

My ***** is pretty much always moist (or sometimes dripping) and when I'm aroused it gets quite wet or even gushes! I'm a blonde with a sparse **** even when I don't shave/trim my pubic hair. I have large labia and a (frequently) protruding clitty so everything shows when I'm turned-on! (And everything turns me on!!) Plus it tingles and makes me shift around like I've got ants in my pants!

So yeah, I can't deny it when I'm horny & naked. When I'm not naked, people tell me my eyes and mischievous/needy facial expressions still give me away.

So this Christian nudity is a family thing, eh?...

You are unusually honest and explicit, and I thank you for that. I completely understand how you are an exception to the general rule that women can think lustfully without being betrayed by their bodies. Explicit images on Tumblr have made me more aware the some women are well endowed in the clitoral dept. and are capable of blatant erections. There are phallic women, and they are emerging from the closet as part of the ongoing disintegration of female body shame and the rise of female strength.

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Sincerity requires no judgement.

Thanks for sharing. That woke up people I wish I could be baptized this way :)

That would be the most awesome experience ever. I'm not baptized but that would be so fun