I Was Beat Up By The People Who Are Supposed To Help You

A week or so ago I collapsed after having a seizure, and I stopped breathing. Luckily for me my 8 year old son had stayed home from school that day because he wasn't feeling well. My son saved my life by performing cpr, and calling 911. The ambulance was the first to arrive on the scene. There were 2 people, a man, and a woman. In the mean time my son had called his father and told him what was going on. The one man from the ambulance talked to my boyfriend (who is also my sons father) and they told him that I was stable. Thats was the last normal minute of the next little while. The volunteer fire men started showing up one by one. I believe that the firemen were in a hurry. They starting grabbing me, smacking me, hitting me, they just plain manhandled me.They tied me up across my legs, then my ankles, and my waist, and the finally my wrists. I told them to let me go, to leave, to untie me. They wouldn't listen as they litterally dragged and threw me onto the guerney. They had been hurting me for what seemed like quite some time, that when more people showed up. At this point though I must have looked like a raving lunitick, I was screaming, and yelling more. I was trying with all my strength to get up, I couldn't get up. I couldn't barely even breathe as I was hyperventilating. Through my tears I was begging them to leave me alone, I was so scared that I even started to pee my pants!! I just kept telling them to go! They wouldn't listen. They started yelling back at me. Every move I made I was held down with some serious strength from various people. One man put his left hand on my throat, and then smacked me across the face. No one would help me, they just kept hurting me. I felt so alone, like I was being strangled, and restrained by a group of thugs. I was certainly not being helped by rescue workers. They had their hands all over my body, every where they shouldn't be. I was telling them not to touch me, but, they didn't care. One man in particular was stroking my face for some reason. It was like he was getting some sick pleasure from all of this. That's when I tried to sit up again, but, I couldn't of course. I was tied up, and then that same man decided to put his hand on my throat, and smack me in the face. The whole time I was screaming, yelling hyperventilating,telling them to untie me, to leave, to let go of me, I just wanted them to leave me alone. they left me with bruises, and mentally traumatized. I can't stop thinking about it, every day, all day, even in my sleep (I am only sleeping maybe 3 hours a night now) I have some of all of this on video. Not all of it though, because it started happening in the kitchen, and there isn't a video camera in there. Though when they moved me into my office, they didn't see the cameras, and that atleast left me with some proof that this happend. Then after I let the ambulance company know that I have a video (because I made a complaint) Well, the owner of the ambulance company decided to "give the volunteer fire chief a heads up." That is when chief fireman, whose name is Bill decided to showed up, and bully me into showing him the video and I told him to leave. I told him I didn't want to talk about it right then, I told him maybe later. He told me to tell him when, I told him to call me, well, then after he left, he decided not to call me, and just drive back over a couple hours later. This time he brought his son, who I believe is one of the ones who beat me up, (I wasn't sure though, because there were so many people there.) I asked him if he was here the other day, and he said yes. I told him to get out of here, to leave, and to never come back to my property again. He laughed in my face!! I then told him that if he didn't leave I could call the police, he laughed in my face again.

Finally, his father told him to leave, so he started to, instead he stood by his jeep, and his father was still telling me that I have an obligation to them to show them the video. I told him that I don't believe that I do. Bill argued with me, and kept raising his voice at me, finally, my boyfriend was in the kitchen, and I called him out. He told them them that I didn't have to show him anything. The chief now lowered his voice a bit, but was trying to use an authoritative tone with me, and my boyfriend. I told him to leave, I was screaming at him, he wouldn't leave. Finally, a customer of mine came to see me. Bill just stood there, saying "bye ", I didn't respond, he kept repeating himself (like he was recording me or something) he repeated himself 3 times. Finally, he left. I have been called on the telephone numerous times by the ambulance company, and the fire department. The reason I collapsed was because of an ecoli infection that I didn't know that I had. I really don't know that I will ever be able to get over this. I start crying in the middle of stores, and in my car, various places for no reason. During the day, andat night, I will just cry, I can't control myself. The bruises are healing. I also have existing injuries to my back, and neck, and they didn't care, they just kept hurting me, and my neck and back hurt even worse than they normally do. Not one person there ever asked me if I had any physical ailments before this. These people were swearing at me though, telling me "to get my **** together!!" and other choice words. Like I was bothering them, wasting their time. An older friend of mine told me he could hear me crying,and yelling at the highway!! Which is about a block away! Maybe I am over reacting, but, I have always been claustraphobic a bit, and when they tied me up, I was terrified, I felt like I was in survival mode. I finally calmed down, because I knew that if I didn't comply they would keep hurting me, so when they put me in the ambulance, and gave me some oxygen finally and I told everyone that I didn't want to go to the hospital. Instead of listening to me, they kept me tied up, and made go with them. I felt like I was being kidnapped. I kept asking them to untie me. They wouldn't, they asked me "if I was going to be nice now?". Then at the hospital, I told them I wanted to leave, and they told me that I can't. I told them I would sign out AMA, and they told me I couldn't, and they had a guard outside my little area. I believe he was watching me. It was one of the scariest days of my life. I can't forget about it, and even if I was able to, the volunteer firemen keep reminding me by driving by my place. I don't know if its a coincidence, or on purpose.

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please let me know what you think.

Thanks for taking the time to read this for me. I just need some guidence on what I should do, if anything.

sodapopp12 sodapopp12
May 7, 2012