My Abuse Was By Christian Parents

I grew up in a Christian home my mom and my dad were beating me over and over again constantly one time my mom turned the whole

bunk bed over on me because i was scared of her and i wouldn't come from under it and once my dad stomped me in my stomach and in

back and he kicked me in my *** as hard as he could and he said if i disobey him again next time he will break his foot off in my ***

and my mom told me to wear long sleeves to hide the bruises at school because god wants them to abuse me to keep my soul out of the

flames of hell i can understand god wonting them to abuse me maybe i deserved it.

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I cant attest that you aren't the only one. i was raised by disgusting, vile abominations of the catholic faith. they perverted the scripture to justify they're abuse. they were just as bad by choking and slamming my face against a counter top. beating and punching clawing and screaming. if there is a hell they will burn in it for eternity.

I grew up in a Christian house. Now I am an atheist. Enough said.

God never wanted anyone to abuse anyone. DarkAngel, I'm sorry about everything you had to suffer, but you must know now that God is Love. "For God takes no pleasure in wrongdoing. Evil shall not stand in His presence. He cannot stand the sight of the proud, He hates all wicked people. He destroys all liars and DESPISE VIOLENT deceitful people." [Psalms5] ........ No matter what you've done, your parents shouldn't have hurt you like that. Discipline is good, but that's already violence and child abuse. ........ God is a merciful God who forgives sins, "Though your sins are red as scarlet, they shall be white as snow" [isaiah1:18] ......... Jesus came so we can know the love of God. Through His blood, we can be as white as snow, no matter how sinful we are. Because through Jesus, God gives us a new heart, He gives us His Holy Spirit, the Wonderful Counselor. . , . . . I'm here if you need to talk... :'->

Like perseverer, I find this story suspect. It isn't that I don't believe Christian parents can be abusive. Quite the contrary, I grew up in an abusive home at the hands of a Christian pastor. In his mind, he justified the abuse with Biblical references and the spiritual abuse was far more pervasive than the physical. Still, in the quiet of my bedroom each night, I reached out to God and found comfort and strength. I would ask God why my father was this way because my heart was broken and I felt hopeless that he would ever change and one night, God revealed to me (as a young child) that my fathers actions were not Godly at all but that he was hurting inside and therefore, hurt was all that he had to give, because He hadn't allowed God to heal those places within him yet.<br />
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Fast forward 20 some years and I've seen my father completely transformed from a man of anger into a man of love and gentleness. It didn't happen overnight and for a very long time, I held those early hurts deep within myself and they poisoned every decision I made and every word I said until I allowed God to heal *my* heart too. <br />
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The thing that gets me about your story is that the underlying message seems to be to gain pity and even when people attempt to offer you comfort, you continue to say you "deserved it". If you honestly believed you deserved those things, you wouldn't have written of them in the way that you did. I was abused for years and rarely ever thought I deserved it because I knew that other families were not like mine. It's rare that abusers realize themselves as abusers but it is even more rare that their victims don't realize that the abuse is wrong. Indeed, it is because they know they don't deserve it that it causes the most damage.<br />
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I've had the pleasure of watching God heal my father and experiencing Him heal me and my other family members as well, but that healing could never have taken place without forgiveness. So regardless of your motives in writing this piece, if any part of it bears truth, I pray that the Lord Jesus begin and complete a work of healing in your life and your parents lives. Jesus died for abusers no less than he did for the abused. The greater the depth of sin, the greater the need for salvation. So pray for your parents and in doing so, forgiveness will come.<br />
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Having said all of that, judging from your avatar alone, I think it's ironic that you write of the things you did and then chose an avatar that depicts you yourself as a female devil. Freud would have a hayday, I'm afraid.

And you call me judgmental and condescending, huh? From the looks of this comment, you know a thing or two about both of those things yourself. I dare not disagree.

I lot of people like my avi on twitter and it describes my attitude towards haters,rude and judgmental people and im not a good girl all the time so i like it as well

I recognise the tactic. And I reject the premise. Conceptualclarity is right, taking your story as true on face value.

In the Famous Chapter of love (1 Corinthians 13:7) 7 (LOVE), Beareth all things,(LOVE), believeth all things, (LOVE), hopeth all things, (LOVE), endureth all things.
Do you see it? If we really exercise love for our neighbors and that pretty much means everybody, we will believe it regaurdless if indeed may be a lie. thats like your brother that always asks for money but always never pays and once again he asks for a loan and though you know He will never pay out of love we believe it as true for the time he most needs you imagine denying him love??? Lord, have Mercy teach me to love How you want me to love.

If your church was not an extremely abnormal church, and other people at church had known what your parents were doing, your parents would have been outcasts there. The Bible says the Lord abhors a man of violence. You should not blame God for what your parents did. I pray for the healing of your soul from this abuse.

I'm really sorry you endured this! You did not deserve it, no one does *hug*

yes the world would be much more peaceful without christians in it.

You DID NOT/DO NOT deserve it. My mother beat me as well, until I was 14, after that she kept it emotional abuse and neglect. I have no answers but I know no one deserves to be treated this way band God does not condone it. It is NOT of Him.

God condones torture or he would not have created hell and put sinners in to it a fiery pitt burns and never goes out filled with screaming and pain forever with no way to escape and my mother told me that me makes sure if someoen tried to crawl out of the pitt they would fall back down in to the fire to be tortured over and over again for eternity
so i am sure that he condones torture i have learned that from christianity

Welcome to one of the things that made me not be a Christian. Either the Bible's a bunch of revamped Babylonian folktales or their God's just a sadistic bully.

32 For I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth, saith the Lord GOD: wherefore turn yourselves, and live ye.
71 It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn thy statutes. 67 Before I was afflicted I went astray: but now have I kept thy word. 23a For the wages of sin is death;... For my sins committed I deserved death but God was faithful to not give me death but a good wooping, being the black lamb, sucked bitter oranges, I got woooooooooooooooooooooooooped but I can see now that I did not get what I deserved! Anyway, God has taught me to say, Thank You for the beatings Lord, I thank you for your mercy through it all. 18 In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
23 Have I any pleasure at all that the wicked should die? saith the Lord GOD: and not that he should return from his ways, and live?