The Thing About My Parents Is...

i don't think they beat me to "discipline" me. i think it was just pure anger. i'm sure they made an effort to love me, but every now and then the hatred and regret of having seeps through, it seems. my mother loathed me (as if i were her competition) and my father looked down on me because he often thought i was shallow and not as smart as my brothers. some days it would really show.

they had me when they were pretty young, so i think i stole their youth from them by being a burden/responsibility and they wish they could have it back. i wish they had me a little later when they were more ready. now they're still angry and grumpy and i think if they didn't have me so early and i hadn't robbed their youth away from them, they would be nicer people.

i'm pro-choice, by the way.
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1 Response May 16, 2012

Hun, it's not your fault they had you when they did, that was on them. You didn't ask to brought into this world or at what time. So don't accept responsibility for something that you are NOT responsible for.

obrigada... thank you for your concern. but i'm really not taking blame/responsibility for anything (after all, it's not part of a "job" i committed to). i'm just trying to be objective and see what went wrong the whole time.

Obrigada? Are you Brazillian? I'm 1/2, my mother is from Recife, the rest of my family there now lives in Campina Grande.

Casei com uma Brasiliera..............