The Phone Stalker

one summer day of 2006,i went downtown for shoping with a friend.While i was leaving,a guy stopped me and he asked me what my name was.At the beginning i was surprised but i didnt answer him.Then he introduced himself as Alex and afterwards he asked me if i had time for a coffee with him.He didnt seem crazy or really weird,the only obvious thing was that he saw me and he liked me alot.i didnt say yes to the coffee thing cause i thought to myself'what r u doing he's a total stranger' and i guess that was a natural thing to do.Nevertheless i was kinda flattered by the whole thing although it was weird.Aftr all,i was just 13,5 y.o..a lil naive,u know.So when he asked again my name and cell phone i gave him my name.and as for the cell phone i pretended i didnt have it with me cause i didnt feel comfortable giving my number to him.He told me he would wait for my call.For some reason i was curious,n i sent him a message after a couple of days.He answered and told me he really wanted us 2 to go out.But after the first 2 calls on the phone i realised that he was kind of know,kinda those pathetic guys who talk a lot n stuff.But despite i avoided him he kept on calling(!)He sent me messages like''there was something about u when i saw u'',''i cant stop thinkin about u''.Anyway for 1,5 plus he insisted,although i didnt call or message.I also changed my number n recently i turned on my older device on which he was calling again

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2 Responses Mar 8, 2009

no it wasnt so serious from this viw point.i mean all he did was calling on that old device,but i changed a device soon after meeting this guy.I didnt change it BECAUSE of him,just go-incidence,so u see....

How old was he? Maybe you should have reported him to the police?