Why Do People Do It?

It seems that everywhere I go, people stare at me. I have no idea why they're doing it though. I'm not wearing anything unusual, I'm not doing anything different, I'm not staring at them. I'm just a normal person, trying to get through the store or my day just like everyone else. So, why does everyone keep staring?
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2 Responses Jan 7, 2007

That happens to me too. Sometimes whole groups do this. At my job I have to approach strangers and sometimes they just stare at me for several seconds before answering after I have asked if I can assist them. Some people have actually gotten tongue tied. I stopped worrying about it a long time ago. I think that it is probably a positive thing similar to what guardianblack said but here are some negative possibilities. I chuckle as I type them because they sound silly even to me. 1) you dont know it but you have tourrets disorder and you are making sounds or noises or random words, 2)you have an odd or angry ex<x>pression on your face, 3)you walk hard almost stumping so it comands attention, 4)you dont look as normal as you think you do.

There have been a few people that I just had to stare at. I know it is rude, and I hated the feeling, but I just had to look at them. Something about them was mesmerizing. For a few of them it was because they were beautiful. I don't know if I could pin point why, but something about them just made me want to or have to look at them.<br />
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And not in a "OMG I need to have sex with that person" fashion. More like wanting to take in a work of art.<br />
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It doesn't make it any less rude, or uncomfortable though.