I Was Kidding

My daughter and i were at a Mc donalds one day we noticed the car parked in front of us,they wouldn't quit staring.I had told my daughter a story my aunt had told me.Pick your nose with one finger,lick the other...he just about threw up , he quit staring. I thought i was going to choke on my food, she is her mothers daughter.
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21 Responses Aug 2, 2007

Come on Indy we will all go have a party freaking people out lol. The wilder the better

LOL i can see the trouble brewing

What a hoot!! I'll have to remember that one!!

Peanut butter ewww. Yeah my girlscout career was short lived ...mean girls ,fiesty redhead enough said! :)

we used to have a hazing ritual when i was in boy scouts involving a wedgie and peanut butter very messy but nobody got hurt LOL

I have been a good girl or maybe its you ...haven't had to pinch you in awhile ...wedgies can be bad

is that better than a pinch or worse????

Its wedgie time Hun ...:)

i gotta be bad to be good LOL

Naughty boy !

careful now if we aren't going to play by the rules ya never know where i might stick my fingers LOL

This is me we are talking about and i don't want to play by the rules *tackles Rick* *sticks pinky up nose* :) Good morning by the way!

i think you are supposed to pick your own nose darlin' not mine LOL

*sticks pinky up Ricks nose* lol

i stared at ya and you didn't pick your nose LOL<br />
<br />
maybe i stared at the wrong part ;-)

Maybe . :)

too funny...we must be related !

I love how kids just do not care .Finger up their nose, while they are asking a question etc. I think if we could keep that through life , maybe we would be happier people.I love kids...they make me smile.

That story is HILARIOUS. Loved it. I'll do the same thing w/my little girl. Some people deserve it! haha. <br />
<br />
Hope all is well with you and you have a great weekend.

Great response!!! I was about to suggest that when I found out you already went through with it. Kudos!!! I'll stare at you guys anytime if you can keep me laughing like that!

My kid probably aside from being beautiful she does some freaky stuff to all of us,she's a nut.