From the age of about 6 I was spanked fairly regularly whenever I misbehaved. Normally it would be over my dads knee as a 'spur of the moment' thing, and with just his hand. But when I was 12 it all changed.
I had got into trouble at school too many times and they had phoned my mum. I was in bed when my dad got home from work but he came into my room and calmly told me to follow him downstairs. He lead me into the living room and my mum was there. He then told me to pull down my pants and bend over and touch the floor.
My mum had never seen me spanked and I would normally struggle, but my dad was so coldly angry that I just obeyed, pulling my clothes down with shaking hands and bending over before she saw my privates. I was then told I'd be given 15 hits with the slipper.
I was in tears before the end. It was hard to stay in the position but I got some extra swats for falling over. When it was finished I was sent back to bed still crying, and from then on all punishments were given bent over something, and with painful implements.
Does anyone else get spanked like this?
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is ur father still there?!!


I got spanked bending over, with a slipper and a cane.

The sting of the slipper, I will never forget it!

Did your mom see you spanked more in the future as you got older and did she see you spanked bare bottom and eventually see your front sides and backsides getting red. How did you react to the spankings?

same I always get the slipper and have to bend over stuff too


I was usually face down, pants down, over my mom's lap and she used the hairbrush for my spankings. Sometimes for a quick spanking she would stand me on the first step going upstairs, and give me 15-20 very rapid spanks with the hairbrush on my bare hiney and then send me up to my room.

My dad would either put us over his knee or I would be standing and he would tuck my head and shoulders under his left arm and whip my hiney with the belt.

I always had to bend over and touch my toes for the slipper from an early age, but when I progressed to secondary school it became the cane and strap. They hung on hooks behind the study door, and were frequently put to use.