His Girlfriend

my best friend is a guy and i tell him everything. he also tells me all his secrets and i've never told anyone. he complains to me about how his girlfriend never listens to him and how he needs someone to talk to. 

once i told him about this guy i like. and i was hoping he'd be nice enough to keep it between us. he told his girlfriend. she came back to me and very discreetly says 'is there something you should be telling me?'  she went and told another of her friends who happens to be this mean gossipy girl in school. she came up to me and wished me luck with my heart, in this really sarcastic way.

i realized something was going on and asked him. he bluntly admitted to telling his gf, walked away. i went and spoke to him on my own later. even this evening i messaged him about something else, and then he decides to apologize. i feel pretty upset about the whole thing considering that he didn't even think of apologizing on his own. i shared every secret with him, and listened to him every time he wanted to vent about his gf. i never betrayed him, this is the last thing i expected. this has left me very unsure of what to say or do next, and very friend-less :(

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thanks emrldpeeps and kittywake :)

Do nothing you really dont need friends like these,the next time he moans about his gf tell him where to go tell him to go talk with some-one else your not interested.